Patreon FAQ

Q: I want to read more of your captions! Where can I find some?
A: If you fancy an extra caption a week for just $3 per month then have a look at my Patreon! There's already a growing library of captions there for you to read!

Q: I want to pledge on patreon but I'm concerned about privacy. Any tips?
A: Plenty of my patrons have really nondescipt names. There's also an option to check in settings to hide your pledges on your profile if you don't want to tell the whole world how much you love my captions...

Furthermore, there is no way for anyone except me to obtain a list of the patrons (patrons can't see other patrons), and even I can't see more than your account name and email. 

Finally, Patreon pledges will appear on your bank statement or paypal as "Patreon Inc." or similar, so there's nothing embarrassing there either. 

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