Sep 8, 2021

Piper's Halloween Party - !Announcement!

I present to you, a VERY unique storytelling experience: Piper’s Halloween Party! The story follows FIVE unlucky, or maybe lucky? I guess that depends on your outlook, victims as they attend a Halloween party thrown by the mysterious new store owner on the block. The party may start off fun… however… things get weird when the costumes start to transform the wearers! Could you imagine being dressed as a cow… uh oh! Now the victims have to solve the mystery of the Halloween party, all while dealing with their new bodies! Will they find who transformed them? Will they be able to handle their transformations? Just HOW much sex will they have along the way!?
Once the story is set, a new chapter will be released every month! Each month will end with a decision to make… who makes the decision… that's right, YOU DO! Every tier of my Patreon will have access to this story, therefore voting privileges. Once the story is complete, it will be published on Amazon!
Now, one thing you might have noticed in the story is the mention of the five victims who will have to somehow try and survive their way through everything. 
Who are these five costume wearers? THAT IS UP TO YOU! The five spots will be up for bid in a Your Character Here style! This is for people who want themselves or a character of theirs immortalized in a BadWulfTG story! Oh and by the way… the winning bidders will also receive free copies of the Amazon story when published! Plus a few other surprises along the way hehe!
For those interested in bidding on one or more of those slots, the bidding will go ONE slot at a time across several websites so bids will be sent in messages to me through either Discord or Patreon. The first slot will open September 13th. 
*Note, if you are not a Patreon member, that is okay! By purchasing a successful bid, you will have complete access to the story like any other Patron.*
Below I’ll list the basic criteria for those characters, which must be submitted to me before making a bid:
- Be human, between the ages of 18 – 50.
- Include as detailed a description of the character as you can provide AND the costume the character has picked. Note, this will obviously affect the transformation!
- General personality traits this character would possess.
- Basic backstory.
- Useful Skills.
Bidding Notes:
- Each slot will be open for four days, slots will be open one at a time. Bidding can be seen live at: 
 - To submit a bid the basic criteria must be completed FIRST and a message must come into my discord DM (BadWulfPiper#7024) or Patreon DM.
- I’m planning to allow one person to bid for up to two slots total. That way we do get some variety in who is involved in things.
- Due to the amount of work and perks associated, bidding will start at $30.00.
- Bidders must be able to complete the purchase through PayPal (preferred) or Bitcoin.
- It’s difficult to say exactly how long the story will go on for. I have several endings in mind, some vastly different from the other, along with more than enough possible bumps and hitches along the way to keep people guessing. However, it will be long and it will be exciting.  
Bids do not open for a couple of days, PLEASE ask any questions you may have!

I do not check my blog as frequently as I should, PLEASE reach out to my discord with questions
BadWulfPiper#7024 OR Email me at [email protected]

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