Sep 27, 2021

Dad's Device Part One

For non-patrons only!! If you are a patron, you already have access to this series.

Only 20 of these are for sale, then they stay on the Patreon forever! Buy the series here!

I wanted to give a few the option of buying the series without having to join Patreon!



  1. I bought this series but I can't access Patreon after the first time. The GIF's did not download.

  2. Hi Bashful! I am so sorry for the late reply! Are you still having problems?

  3. I canot access the series I bought. I can only get as far as the page pay. Am I issing something? If I could have downloaded the gifs as gifs I wouldn't have a problem with this. But I can't open the series on your patreon page.