Sep 1, 2021

Bimbo Curse Part One

“Look girl… I am not saying you are not hot *burp* I am just saying, this is not the place for a nerdy girl like you! I mean look around… *burp* I mean that girl has knockers the size of my car tires. You totally do not belong here. Get lost nerd, I mean unless you want a *burp* quickie in the bathroom or something. I can totally get over those large ass glasses and that nerdy dress for some action. Say, they *burp* sell food here, I am sure we can find a brown paper bag to put over that nerdy face of yours, what do you say?” 

“You are an absolute ASSHOLE, you know that? A drunk asshole. You should be careful who you mess with, even if you are drunk. Your words can create quite the curse on yourself. I am sure you have no idea what this symbol means, but I would suggest you leave me alone before you VERY much regret it.” 

“Awww what are you going to do nerd? Not like you can *burp* do anything! Come one… just a quickie, I promise you will love it *burp* I have been told I am mediocre in bed. I think they have bathrooms that lock here, just saying nerdy!” 

“That. Is. IT. GO HOME, or don’t who cares? What has been done has been done, I think you will find a lot of things change tonight whether you are passed out in the street or at home in bed. You asked for this asshole, now you will find out what it is like to be your favorite type of girl, a fucking bimbo! Only, I mean, it is only fair… your first craving will of course be a nerd. I am sure your cravings will find their own path after that. Sigh… the amount of cum you are going to consume my love, looks like you have a new diet!” 

“I know you are like *burp* a nerd and shit… but what the flying fuck are you talking about? Ughh… damn… I think that I may have drank too much. I have not felt like this since I had my first drink in middle school. Mmm… I think… I think I better go nerd. This is just a coincidence though, it *burp* has to be!” 

“Whatever you say, enjoy your new diet. It seems like you are used to a liquid diet, but this will be a whole new experience I am sure!” 

“Ughh… whatever bitch… just go hang out with that Zelda guy or something… ughh… I have to get out of here…” 

“ZELDA IS THE PRINCESS! Now get out, the door is that way you drunk idiot!” 

~The drunken fool makes it to his new apartment, unaware of just how bad things are about to become for him… or maybe good?~

Fuck… what the hell did that nerd do to me? I did not want to give her the pleasure of knowing she freaked me out… but I definitely felt a shock when she said all those weird things to me. I feel… I feel… so soft, my face hurts so bad it feels… so different, so much more malleable. In fact, I think my skin is soft everywhere now… which is great, soft is way better than hard and manly! Wait, where did that thought come from? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? 

Now… there is this tickling on the back of my neck, wha… WHAT! Where did all this hair come from? I didn't even feel it… well… growing I guess. I am getting majorly freaked out now. At the same time, I wish it was even longer. I mean, just think of all the amazing styles I can do with this blonde hair hehe. These thoughts are getting stronger… 

My nipples are killing me! Jesus why are they so… oh no… they are growing aren’t they… well of course they are, I mean I am a woman after all, wait what? Jesus, these things will not stop growing. It feels like all the random fat deposits are moving through my body and relocating under my swollen nipples. 

Why… Why do I love this? Why do I want to feel the pull of my new breasts? Why do I want a cock jammed between them? I am not gay! Fuck man, what is happening! I mean next I am going to grow a fucking ass!


Oh… OH FUCK. Of course, I just had to be right. Damnit, I have a girly ass! Jeez, how can even this part of my body be sensitive? Mmmm… it makes jack off so fucking hard! I just want to cum all over this apartment, then I want to lick it all up, savoring the salty goodness. Wait… LICK IT ALL UP? These thoughts are getting so strong I hate it, or do I love it?

Mmmm, I mean I am a whore why wouldn’t I love it? NO! I am NOT a whore! I am just a guy, a normal guy, with a pussy of course. Wait with a pussy? No I have a dick, look at this bad… oh dear, that is a soaking wet pussy… It is… SO CUTE! God, I am so glad I have a cute pussy, I mean I really lucked out, I love that you can see the lips from the back! Lips from the back? WHO AM I!? 

More importantly… why am I just standing here naked, I like… need to put on an outfit of course! God, I love a good skimpy outfit. I mean, look at my body? Add a sexy outfit and I am queen of the bimbos! WHY the fuck does that make me so happy? I used to be a man… I USED to be a man… I ooohhhhh my closet changed! Yay! Oh that outfit is like SO perfect! 

Jeez, I look so good! It is honestly scary how much I enjoyed putting on this outfit. I love that it is crotchless too, I mean don’t you just hate when you are getting it going with some hunk and you have to stop to take off your pants? Wait… I have certainly never experienced that! Have I? Wait no, I am a guy! Ughh… it's time for a selfie, that always cheers me up.

Mmm… god, I just love how sexy I look. I am getting all these weird feelings like… I just have this craving. I need something. No, that is not it, I think I need someone? Obviously, I need to fuck someone, I mean that is how this entire thing started. I just no longer have that desire of thrusting more of this feeling, or maybe even a need, of having someone thrust into me. Yeah… to be absolutely pounded… mmmm… I hope they cum a lot… all inside me…” 

Wait… when… mmmm… when did I start masturbating… fuck I need a guy so bad. Wow… pussies are so fun, I love this so much. Like… I know I used to be a guy, I know I used to love masturbating as a guy… but… all I can think about is jamming as many fingers into my wet pussy that I can. Mmmm… I think I need to head to a bar…”

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