Sep 17, 2021

Benni's Revenge ~New Story!~

Collapsing in their chair after a hard days work, Badwulf sat for a moment, taking the weight off their drained legs, sapped from standing all day. After a deep breathe, the chair scoots closer to the desk, the PC starting up for another fun evening of custom captions, Patreon posts, and devious discord catch ups. Booting up, the screen lights up, illuminating Badwulfs glasses, causing a shine and a weird reflection on the screen

Wheeling around, expecting to be alone, Badwulf finds Benni, the Server Moderator and Store Clerk at that odd shop down the street. Shocked and silent, Badwulf's mouth only drops, agape, at the mischievously smirking girl in a maids outfit at the entrance to the bedroom. She toys with a feather duster, her usually blonde hair now much darker, and her wide bright, green eyes now sharpened. Wicked. A glint of something in her piercing glare, as Badwulf tried to find some words, any words, to speak. Instead they was cut down by her gaze...

"Hello Badwulf... I hope you had a good day. Because it's going to get a lot worse."

A thunderous CRACK shatters the room as a bolt of Crimson sparks smashes into Badwulf, knocking them from their chair, and onto the floor, clutching their chest. The force of the blast having winded them significantly, as Benni stood over, a long sleek black wand gripped in her manicured right hand

"Pets are wonderful. As a young girl I always related more to cats and dogs and animals than people. But one thing that I always noticed is how differently people treat the two. How people treat pets. Love them, feed them, pet them. Forget about them... Neglect. Them."

Beneath her, Badwulf was only partially listening. They could feel their chest swelling, their Puerto Rican skin deepening a little further in its tan, starting from her widening nipples. Puffy, and sensitive in the warm breeze

"So when you thought you could love and leave a hopeless romantic, after a fun fuck and some fluttery words, I guess I had to remind someone the Food Chain always changes depending on appetite..."

Badwulf could only grimace and tense their body as the tanned hue enveloped their body more by the second. Her waist was cinching inwards, helping accentuate widening hips and a thickening ass, native of such gifted sluts. Her legs flailed, their mass redistributing and thickening also, leaving them tanned, gorgeous, hairless legs Venus would be proud of

"And when you thought you could just show up after leaving me on tenderhooks for so long, and start being all frisky and fun as soon as I went to sleep!? This is the thanks I get for helping out at your store and supporting you?"

A shrill moan escapes Badwulfs swelling, increasily kissable lips. Arching her slender back, and tossing her head back, long gorgeous, tight tousles of soft lockes springing out of her head, while her now demure and curious girly hands gripped her joystick

"I didn't think so either... So a reevaluation of priorities is in order! So-I'm sorry Badwulf, but Im talking to Piper, so you and that ugly boy cock of yours need to go. Buh-Bye!"

Waving her hand, sassily, the aforementioned boy cock began to become rock hard, and slowly retreat back inside Badwulf's pubic curve. It was like someone was slowly forcing a large, lubricated dildo slowly inside for the first time. And Piper could feel it. Two certain orbs in a sack popped back up side to help reform Piper's womanhood, her hands now vigorously coaxing the old cock back inside her, loving the pleasure and eager to fingerfuck her own slit again. Her sexy accented soprano voice rolling her 'r' s as she swore in pleasure in her mother tongue

"Now Piper, you may notice a certain persuasion to serve me and what I ask, but otherwise you will be silent. I have the evening off so youre MY bitch for the evening. I have work hard and so do you but no excuses."

Benni coldly informed the rapidly changing girl at her feet, relishing in their pleasure and pain

Barely listening, Piper clutched the chair legs, as her curves widened and swelled further, the dream of any girl or guy and all in between. Standing up, on sturdy yet elegant legs, Piper readjusted to her normal center of gravity, balanced by her huge sweater doggos and gracious Puerto Rican butt. She looked at Benni still standing over her, and tried to say something. Anything, but she couldn't herself able, letting out a chirpy Wuff! instead. Benni smiled

"Awww there's my little bitch~ Cat got your tongue? Get dressed. Your outfit is on the chair. Meet me in the hall in exactly THREE minutes. And do something nice with your hair~"

Benni ordered in an alternating cold and fun tone, as she strutted out of the room, closing the door behind her and leaving the stunned girl in silence, and... Arousal?

She turned around to find a skimpy black bikini, if there was even enough fabric to be called clothing, laid on the chair. On top, sat a cute gold collar, and a pair of tinted sunglasses. A cute pair of basic bitch sandals lay at the base of the chair. Piper had better get dressed. She already couldn't speak. She didn't want anything worse: :

Meeting Benni in the Hall, no later than three minutes after she had left, Piper had put on the bikini, strained by her natural assets, hidden her seductive eyes from sight with the sunglasses, and most importantly. She had put on her collar: :

"Excellent, Bitch. Now, Im going to take you for your walkies around the neighbourhood before an evening of you pampering me, and cleaning the house. I notice you havent dusted in a while. Come along girl~ It's a gorgeous evening out"

Piper obediently waited, looking at Benni with big doting puppy eyes, as she clipped on her collar, the two setting out the door, into the street. The Summer Sun kissed their skin, delicately as the two enjoyed the evening, and the other cuties enjoying their strolls too. It was a long day, but it was going to be a good night. And maybe Piper would learn a thing or two about Pet care from Benni.

Or maybe she would do it again. This was kinda fun~

Written by the amazing Benni on my Discord: Benni #3750          

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