Aug 20, 2021

Oh, Brother!

 “Hey man… you doing okay? When I decided to come visit my little brother I expected the fun one, not the sad and depressed one!”

“Ian… you just do not understand. You can have any girl you want. I have been rejected time and time again. The last girl I asked out actually laughed. She thought it was a joke! I hate being practically the only senior in highschool to never have had sex before! It is just getting out of control!”

“You will have your time buddy! You are just waiting for the right girl. Then you will be having sex all the time, I am sure of it. You are a catch, I am sorry that it seems like no one else thinks so.”

“I would just take ANY girlfriend at this point, this is getting ridiculous. All of my friends have girlfriends, hell you have had FIVE just this year!”

“Yeah well trust me buddy, I would much rather have one perfect partner. Sure, the sex is great, but how great would it be to find your forever partner. To have a bond with one person… one day, am I right? Hopefully one day soon. I am already 30!”

“Whatever, Ian, I just wish that I would find the perfect woman. I wish that I would have a girlfriend finally!”

“Ohhh… woah… I am… mmmm I am feeling… VERY weird little bro. I think I… I think I need to go lay down.”

~Three Hours Later~


“Ian!? Ian!? Are you okay?? Whaa… WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

“Kevin… little bro… it is me!! Fuck me… I AM A GOD DAMN WOMAN! What the… what the fuck am I even wearing!? Fuck bro… look at these panties! I do not know what happened. I was not feeling well so I laid down, when I woke up, I went to rub my junk and felt two lips! I HAVE A FUCKING PUSSY!”

“I… IAN!?”

“Oh… finally you returned! Were you able to get those smaller weights I asked for? Whew… being in this tiny body is so weird, I can hardly lift anything anymore! I felt like working out might take my mind off of some of well… THIS”

“Yeah… here you go Ian… umm I should probably go now I guess. Not really sure why you have to wear such skimpy clothes. I can literally see your panties in those things!”

“Ohh relax little bro, act like you have seen a booty before! I am NOT going shopping in this body and I only have clothes ex girlfriends have left behind. Apparently… I am into women who dress a bit ahem… slutty… Besides, this is your fucking fault. If you recall, we think it was your stupid wish that caused all of this!”

“Ian how was I supposed to know… THIS would happen? You literally changed into a smoking hot chick! I mean you are so short now! You had to have lost multiple feet, I could pick you up and throw you now!”

“Oh… you think I am smoking hot huh? If you are lucky maybe I will let you watch me undress in this outfit…”
What the fuck… was I just flirting with my BROTHER? Why do I think he is cute…? What is this body doing to me?

“Very funny Ian… I really can not believe you are actually a woman now… what does it feel like?”

“Little bro… it is WILD. I got lucky that I did not wake up with massive hooters, but these small boobies are so sensitive! Do not even get me started on this dump truck… I went for a run and this bad boy bounced up and down like crazy. I mean look how much I stretch these leggings out? Not to mention how squishy it is! I love just grabbing it sometimes!”
Why… WHY do I want Kevin to grab my ass? Ughh… this is getting weird, it is like I am catching feelings for him.

“I guess we should consider ourselves lucky. I mean the wish did technically state “girlfriend.” Could you imagine?”

“Lucky!? I am a fucking woman! Also… I would not be so certain about the girlfriend aspect. I think there are aspects of this… that we are just finding out…”
Like me wanted to jump your fucking bones!


“Whaaa, I just want to have a little fun Kevin, you are my little bro and being in this body has made me realize just… how attractive you are. Mmmm… can you really say you do not want to have some fun with my body. I have seen you staring at my ass during my morning workouts. It even seems like I might be stuck like this… why not… enjoy it hehe.”

“Because you are my brother Ian! I mean… I wished for a girlfriend and you are here, but I mean… this is NOT what I meant.”

“Oh come on little bro… have a little fun. You have a chance to finally have some fun with a woman. A woman who knows you very well and a woman who thinks you are so sexy…”

“Y… you… think I am sexy? A girl that looks like you would never think that I am sexy. I mean look at you! With your amazing body and your fat booty… no, just no… this has to be a trick!”

“No trick little bro… this sexy body could be all yours. I would like to think it is the magic at work, but I do not think so. I keep finding myself staring at your crotch. I keep finding my own crotch getting so fucking wet. You hear that bro, my pussy is wet for you!”

“Gulp- w… w… wet for me?”

“Mmhmm… I mean you could taste her if you want… I bet she would taste so good....”

“But… I would have… no idea what I am doing! I have never even been with a woman before. You would be my first, Jesus, MY OWN BROTHER would be my first!”

“Mmm, well maybe we can take it slow hehe. I can see your dick straining against your pants. Maybe just let him out… Ian really wants to play…”

“Ohh.... okay… here goes…”

“Holy… Kevin… I am not just saying this to get into your pants. That is the biggest dick I have ever seen! Those girls are sooo missing out. I just want… I just want to… ughh I just want to suck it! In fact, I think I will hehe.”

“Wait you are… you are going to… oohhh… oh god… Ian, that feels so fucking good. Mmmm… fuck, I can not believe this is happening!”

“Ian… Ian… mmmmm I can not believe this… my brother is sucking my fucking dick. God… Ian I have never done this before and your mouth feels so good. I am not sure how much longer I can last you better… mmm… you better take your mouth off.”


“Are… you… serious? Mmmm Ian… GOD, who cares… HERE… HERE IT COMES!! MMMMMMFFGGGG MMMMFFFFF AAAGGGHHHHHH! Oh Ian...”

“Mmmmm little bro… you taste… mmmm SO GOOD!”

“Hey sexy… feeling nice and relaxed after that blow job last night hehe? God, I can not explain it but it felt so good on my end too. Somehow, knowing that I had your dick in my mouth, giving you all that pleasure… it was amazing, it felt amazing.”

“Ian… you think THAT was amazing. I finally got a blow job! From a girl that looks like YOU! God… I have no idea how you even knew how to do that!”

“Well I just sucked your dick like I would want mine sucked.... Well, USED to want mine sucked. Now I just want to be absolutely pounded. God… I know you were not ready for the big show last night but GOD I was so horny. I had to finger bang this pussy until I fell asleep, I must have had like… SIX orgasms. Was I freaked out when I woke up a woman? ABSOLUTELY! However, this is really starting to be enjoyable hehe. I love this banging body. Sometimes… I just take off my clothes and stare at myself in the mirror!”

“I mean it is a really nice body Ian… It is like that wish changed you into my dream girl. I mean every part of your body is just perfect to me. Plus… the things you did with that tongue… I think I am in love!”

“Hehe… what happened to not wanting to have some fun because you are my brother? Finally see the plus side to this?”

“Something like that… or maybe the sex side of things… do you want to… escalate things?”

“My my my… is my little brother asking to fuck me?”

“I mean… if you want to of course…”

“Kevin… my pussy has been wet since my first day as a woman! Let’s do this thing. Take those pants off and let Ian ride you to orgasm! Ughh YES, I love how big your dick is! Jesus, I really hope you fit in my pussy, I am so small!”

“Oh god… I can not believe I am about to lose my virginity to my older brother, in the body of my dream woman! Wait… are you getting on top… ohhh… mmmmm… FUCK you are so wet!”

“Ohhh… GOD. Little bro, you are so big! Mmmmm you feel so good! God I am going to ride you so hard SO HARD. You just hold on, HOLD ON FOR ME! Oh man… I can already feel an orgasm coming! Ohh… UGHHH MMMMFFFGGG AHHHH AGHHHH!”

“Holy fuck Ian!! You just squirted all over me! Please do not stop, PLEASE DO NOT STOP!! I am going to cum so fucking hard, I am going to give it ALL to you! I hope you are ready for me to unload all my cum into your new tight pussy!



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