Apr 22, 2021

What I Wanted Part Two

Part One

Fuck… fuck… oh god, I love you pussy, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Wow… this entire room smells like my pussy, MY PUSSY. I cannot believe this is real, I cannot believe I am almost completely a woman. I cannot believe that this is only the beginning, most of all, I cannot believe… I love every second of it.

God… I cannot believe this is all real. As a guy, having this many orgasms was never possible, never in my wildest dreams. Now, after four orgasms I feel like I could keep going! I have already made this entire bedroom smell like my new pussy. Jesus, I think I have left a pool of well… MYSELF... on the bed as well. Might need to wash these sheets before I go to sleep tonight.

Well… I suppose making it five orgasms would not be a total loss. I mean… Mr.Jackson did say he wanted me to explore. I cannot believe he pulled my panties down; I cannot believe that I found it so fucking hot. Who am I kidding, I can’t believe that I am currently rubbing my own clit. No wonder women want you to rub here so often… mmmm… it is like all the feeling of my old dick concentrated into a cute little button. Ughhh it feels SO good. I wonder… mmm… I wonder… what Mr. Jackson’s dick would feel like. Shoved up my tight pussy. WAIT… where did THOSE thoughts come from?

I think… mmm… god I am still so fucking wet… NO. I NEED to sleep this off. I bet I will have a clearer mind about this tomorrow. I also might have a more female body however… but that is a problem for tomorrow. Besides… all that masturbating sure made me… so… mmm… tired.

The Next Morning

“Ohhh Kendra… I hope you are not with my Dad or this would be awkwarddddd hehe.”

“Ha-ha, very funny Heather, what do you want, I just woke up and my entire body hurts. Especially my chest area. Ughhh, I cannot believe I took that stupid pill. What do you even want?”

“Can’t a girl just check on her ex-boyfriend turned ex-girlfriend? Ughh what the hell is that smell? Jesus, girl how much sex did YOU have last night? It smells like a fucking orgy in here!”

“I am NOT going to have sex with your father Heather!”

“Yeah yeah… you say that now! You already let him change you into a woman. Who knows what else is going to change in your life hehe. Okay well… if you did not have sex, why in the world does it SMELL like you did?”

“Well… I have only had this pussy for like 24 hours… I mean I had to explore it. Plus… your Dad wanted me too… I did not want to… ahem… disappoint him. Granted, he did not ask me to orgasm five times, I did that all on my own. Ughh I cannot believe I agreed to this! Why did I take that STUPID pill?”

“Because you have ALWAYS wanted this KENDRA. I mean, think about it, you have always loved women’s clothing. You have always been so sensitive and feminine, maybe for the first time ever, you finally are feeling yourself. Besides… I have to say… you really fill out those girl clothes WAY better now! I mean DAMN girl… have you even looked at yourself today?”

“What do you mean… OH FUCK! I have fucking BREASTS! I mean… that is not really a new development, but the SIZE is. Jesus Christ, these things are HUGE. I mean… oh man… I think that I have completed my transformation…”

“I WOULD FUCKING SAY! Well, what are you waiting for Kendra, check out those new breasts of yours. I mean come on… it is not like I have not seen my fair share of breasts. We are both girls now hehe, let those puppies breathe!”

“Oh god… look at them Heather… they are massive. I am actually all woman now. Look at the size of my nipples. These things are so sensitive too…”

“Oh Kendra… WOW. They are so beautiful. My Dad’s work really knows what they are doing. Most girls would KILL for a pair of breasts like that. I just want to know what they feel like… would you mind if I… touch them?”

“Heather… I am not so sure that is a good idea. I mean we broke up and… well… I am not sure your father would like that…”

“Ohhh, is SOMEONE afraid of disappointing him, say what you want, but he obviously has you under his spell hehe. Oh, come on, the guy I broke up with is definitely not around, all I say is a sexy Asian babe with tits anyone would die for!”

“Fine… you can touch them, just PLEASE stop talking about your father. Here you go…”

“Why? Getting a little wet over there Kendra? Hehe, okay sorry I am done! Let me see those things! Oh… wow, Kendra they are actually perfect. I just feel the need to poke them… there is no way they are real....”

“Eeeep! Stop that! They are so sensitive, jeez it honestly feels like little, tiny erections at the end of a sack of sensitive fat! That is a weird way to describe a body part… but I have only had them for so long and I cannot think of any other way to describe them. I honestly think that I could orgasm just with nipple play… mmmm… hey! I said stop that!”

“Oh, come on… do not want to let me see your orgasm face? Hehe I totally understand GIRL. You know… you should play around with them a bit. Why not try to oil them up a bit? I love to do that! It makes them so fun to play with, plus leaves them extra soft for anyone else that might want to play with them!”

“Ohh… okay… I suppose I could do that. Here goes nothing, EEEEP! The liquid feels so cold on my breasts, I swear their senses are heightened or something. Okay, now I guess I just rub a bit. Oh wow… this feels so fucking good. Oooh hehe they are getting so slippery! This is so strange!”

“Waiit… Heather why are you laughing? UGHH, no one actually does this do they!? Oh, fuck off! You just wanted to see me play with myself! You are so evil you little…”

“Hahahaha calm down Kendra! Can you blame me!? You totally look like you could be in some sort of adult film. Trust me when I say that A LOT of people would pay to watch you do that… maybe even myself included! I think my panties are getting wet already. Hey… I bet my dad would totally love to watch you do that! Hehe!”

“That is, it! Get the fuck out! You had your fun Heather, ughhh how am I going to get all this oil off of me? If I laid on my stomach, I could use these things to slide all around the fucking house! Just… OUT… NOW!”

“Fine fine! God Kendra this is… FUN, you should have totally become a woman earlier on in life hehe.”

Fuck… I cannot believe this is happening to me. My girlfriend has turned into my ex-girlfriend and LIKES me like this. I am a full fucking woman. How can a pill even do something like this? The worst part of it all is I cannot stop thinking about Mr. Jackson… I mean… Paul. I get so warm down there when I think about him. The first time I masturbated I thought about Heather… but every other time… mmm… I thought about him. Ughh I just need to take my mind off of things. Like trying to figure out how in the world I am going to get all the oil off of these tits!

Maybe I should draw a bath. It would help with the soreness from all the transformation and would help get all this damn oil off. Mmm… it will definitely help me relax as well; all of this has just been so wild.

30 Minutes Later

Mmm… better warm it up a bit, it is hard to keep track of time in here. It feels so good on my body. Plus… it is fun to play with this tits… never thought I would be saying something like before… wait… was that the bedroom door… oh no… someone is definitely here..

“H… Heather is that you?”

“Nope, not Heather… oh look at you… making yourself comfortable in your new body I see? You really turned out well Kendra. I am so pleased with your new body. I knew I would, I knew you were the woman for me as soon as you walked through my door. I just had to be patient. Wait for you to waste your time with my daughter…”

“Mr… Jackson… you are home… Oh jeez I am… naked… ummm Mr. ummm Mr. Jackson… Why are you taking your clothes off? Oh… oh wow… you are so built, and that dick is so big… I mean ahem… Mr. Jackson please, let me umm… get out of the bathroom before you continue.”

“Seriously Kendra… it is Paul. No need to call me Mr. Jackson. I am taking my clothes off to join you of course Kendra. After all, this is my tub… and you are my woman… ahhh nothing like a warm bath with a beautiful woman after a busy morning. Wow… those breasts really suit you… may I touch them, Kendra?”

“Y… yes Paul…”

“Mmmm wow, that pill certainly does wonders. Mmm… they feel so good in my hands Kendra. They are so soft and malleable. Go ahead Kendra… smile… I know you want to.”

“It… it does feel so good Paul…”

“Mmmm I bet it does… and if I reach under the water and touch your new flower… would that feel good? If I rub that little button?”

“Yyy… yes… so so good… NO, wait… I cannot do this… I… I need to go get dressed!”

Back in the Bedroom

“Kendra… I am sorry if I pushed you. I just know you want this. I know you do. You would not have taken that pill if you did not. I see the way you look at me, I see the AREAS you look. You have always been more sensitive. You have always enjoyed women’s clothing. Now you are a woman. An absolutely beautiful woman. I want to make you mine.”

“I… this is all so new… this is… ughh… I want you Paul… FINE I admit it. I want my ex-girlfriend’s Dad… I want you so bad. I do not even know what I am doing… everything is so new in this body. I cannot control my feelings for you. I… I… just do not know!”

“Shhhh… let me take it from here. First of all, you really should take that bra off. You were in such a hurry after getting out of the bath… but trust me. We will not be needing clothes for this next part.”

“Oh… Okay Paul… here goes…”

“God… I love those breasts. I want you to enjoy them too. I want you to enjoy all of being a woman. I am going to lay on the bed. Just come over and give me your sexiest look. Just let yourself go. Do not think about anything but being Kendra.”

“Okay… here… here goes.”

 “Mmm… look at me Kendra… look at what you did to me. I am already getting hard. That is what you are able to do to me. I think it could use your hand though…”

“H… how is this, Paul?”

“Your hands are so soft now Kendra… that feels excellent. Mmm… you are making me so hard. I suppose I should help you as well. Oh… oh wow… Kendra… you are already so wet. I am surprised you were able to say no to me for so long. Oh… mmm… you are really good at this Kendra.”

“I do not know how to explain it Paul… I just feel so close to you, like, I understand what you want. What your desires are. Oh wow… you are just getting so hard. Mmm… you really know how to use those fingers too… I can feel my new pussy pulsating around your fingers…”

“Mmm… are you ready Kendra… are you ready to take all of me?”

“Y… Yes Paul…”

“Hop on Kendra… slowly lower yourself onto me. Use that new pussy of yours. Leak your pussy juice all over me!”

“Mmm… oh god… Paul… I do not think it can fit. Even the head is so much! I am so tight!”

“It is your first time as a woman Kendra… take it slow… you can take all of me… I know you can. I want to be inside of you so bad Kendra…”

“Mmmmffff… oh… oh god… I am so tight. I am so fucking tight. Ahhh… got it. I am taking all of you Paul. You are inside me and you feel so good.”

“Oh god you ARE so tight Kendra… now start pumping up and down. Letting my dick slowly exit before returning to your wet folds. Oh god… just like that!”

“It feels so good Paul. I love feeling my new breasts bounce up and down. I love feeling so full of your dick. Mmmm… ohh… ohh wow. I have used my fingers to orgasm before but this… this is different. I can feel something big coming on!”

“Mmmm Kendra… I am not sure how long I can last before cumming myself. You feel so amazing.”

“Paul, I think… mmmm… I think… I am… oh man… here it come… mmmmggfff… GOOOOODDDD… mmmmm fuck fuck…. mmmmgggffff UGHHHH…”

“Oh Kendra… I am so glad you are a screamer. I am getting close… mmmm… myself. I want to be on top of you. I want to make you mine.”

“Li… like this Daddy? Do you like this?”

“Oh… oh I really like this Kendra… I want to cum in you. I want to breed you. I want to make you mine forever. Are you ready? Are you ready for me to cum in you? Are you ready to be mine forever?”

“Yes Paul… I am ready. This is all I ever wanted. Breed me, Paul. I want you to cum in me! I want to feel what it is like to have someone squirt in my pussy. Fill me daddy. BREED ME DADDY.”

“Oh Kendra… ohh… here it fucking comes. Brace yourself. Here… here it… HERE IT COMES!!! Mmmmmffffgggghhh. UGGHHHHH. YYEEESSSSS… GOOODDDDDD MMMFFFFGGGGHHHHH!!”

“Oh yes daddy… oh yes… let it all out. Fill me… mmmm I can feel it… I can feel it leaking out. Oh, you are filling me up so much. Yes… yes…”

“Oh Kendra…”

“Oh Daddy…”

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