Apr 12, 2021

Guest Post - Kurosuke from OpenTGC Part One

You all suck! Just stay on the point, it’s not THAT hard!

There were some definite frustrations coming from the bedroom, not sexual frustration, just the frustration of a single gamer, with a terrible team. “Why do I even play overwatch anymore… they nerfed D.va, and my teams suck…” He sighed heavily and stood up, going to the window.

“This sucks, without overwatch I’m so bored... ugh” He let out a bit of a groan and watched the sky, some clouds were rolling in, rain soon would be nice.

But something was different about the clouds, they had lightning! Red, arcing magical lighting! What the hell!

It was then that he could see what was happening, Four bright lights darted toward the clouds, “Ugh, the magical girls… what a surprise” He sighed, they’d been fighting off evil from the town for so long, they always one, and always got praise, it was SO boring.

That was until he noticed one of the lights started to flicker the orange flare stuttering in it’s flight path, before falling to the ground, then the second blue light, quickly followed by the green third light, until just the final bright pink light was the only one remaining, a deep red light opposing it, as they flew toward each other and clashed. Magical girl fights were always boring, just two lights slamming into each other over the sky, you could probably recreate it with fireworks. That was until he noticed something, the pink light was gone. The deep Red one remained and was barreling toward his house!

The impact of the two Magical girls, one good and the other evil, had created a small blast and send something crashing through his window, a little pink cat, and a weird staff-like thing?

“Ow! That hurt!” The cat yelled in high pitched tone, it was god awful to hear, so annoying.

“What the fuck?!” He yelled, “Did your magical bitch die or something?” he asked, smirking at the cat.

It responded with a chipper nod, “Mhmm! She’s real dead this time! But that’s okay! I’ve got you now!”

“Woah, woah… back it up, kitty cat, I am NOT becoming a magical boy.” He said, laughing softly.

The cat nodded, “No, you definitely aren’t.” It tilted it’s head and raised a paw, zapping him with a powerful jolt of magic, a similar lightning arc to the red cloud, but this was pink, and it didn’t hurt at all.

He started to shiver, “What.. was that.” he growled, the cat smiling.

“Just get on the bed! You don’t wanna transform standing up!” It giggled, raising a paw and lifting him with magic, before placing him down on the bed. “And this room won’t do at all! Not fit for a magical girl, not at all!” The cat jumped up and landed with it’s two paws on the floor, more magic flooding out from it’s little toe beans. Slowly a pink circle spread throughout the room, everything changed. From the bed sheets, to the wall paper, even his entire desk was changed into something definitely fitting a gamer girl. That’s when the magic fully washed over him. His feet got the first touch, softening and becoming much smaller, almost petite, it flooded over his legs and thighs, thickening up everything it touched, he had pillows for thighs now, it quickly spread over his butt and crotch, inflating his ass to become a perfect view for anyone lucky enough to see up the skirt covering it, and his crotch completely reformed, a tight slit forming in place of what was there before, it was pretty clear what was going on.

He tried to scramble away a little, but the bed was suddenly covered in pillows and soft toys, he had nowhere to go. He had thick, juicy thighs and an ass to desire, but that was just the start, it washed over his hips, flaring them out and making them extremely feminine, perfect for child bearing. His stomach was next, softening it up, a small pinch at his belly button as suddenly a little jewel dangled over it. The magic found it’s next target, his nipples, they became incredibly sensitive all of a sudden, infact he’d hardly even noticed his clothes had disappeared earlier, but the cold air on his chest was already starting to tease him, it took real effort to hold in a little whimper. The cool air seemed to pull at his chest and create two small, pert breasts on his chests, the skin soft and sensitive, just like his thighs and belly. The magic flew up and sparked down his arms, removing any hair, and lengthening his nails, while shrinking his arms to match the height of his changing body.

The cat let out a little meow and ran around the room, satisfied so far, before it sat on the bed and admired the work so far, “Fantastic! You’re almost a real Magical girl!” It cheered , casting another quick spell to put an outfit on it’s new Magical Girl. As it’s other spell flooded over his head, plumping his lips, refining his jaw, softening his eyes, perfectly treating his eyebrows and even applying a full face of makeup, before he felt the magic settle in his hair, growing it out longer until it was soft and wavy.

She was panting on the bed, “Did you just do that…” Her voice quivered, feeling every change really come into play, the pink bedding, tight outfit and very jiggly body.

“Woah! Cute outfit, it looks amazing on you!” The cat said, ignoring the girl, “You know, it bases it off of your biggest idol, which… is… D.va?” The cat asked, tilting its head, it was currently looking through the Magical Girl’s memories, just to see what it’s new “Owner” was like. “Oh! No time to waste, the evil girl is coming!” The cat chirped, the staff suddenly flying into the girl’s hands as she gripped it tight and it tugged her out the open window, toward the red cloud.

It was a most uncomfortable experience, the outfit was uncomfortable and squeezing on places she didn’t have before, her hair was trailing around behind her, it was almost too heavy for her to keep her head up. Before she could really complain, she was suddenly facing the Evil Magical girl, she was tall, her long legs looked soft and trailed up to a short red skirt, a white bodysuit encased her torso, and a little Red bow sat around her neck, a black jewel seated in the center of the bow.

She scoffed and giggled, almost doubling over with how hard she was laughing, “Okay… okay what’s your name? I just have to know, you’re probably the sluttiest magical girl I have EVER seen.” She smiled, closing her eyes and taking a breath, recomposing herself, before looking back at the Magical girl and losing her cool again, giggling uncontrollably.

“Uh… I don’t have one?” She said, almost embarrassed by the fact. Think think… name… uh…

Piper! My name is Piper!

The Dark Magical girl raised her eyebrow, “Wow, you actually have a name, cute” She said, before raising a finger and pointing at Piper, “Sorry about this, you seem new.” She said, flicking her hair back. Suddenly, the cloud crackled with more lightning as eight Red tentacles flew out from it… directly toward Piper.

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