Apr 27, 2021

Guest Post - Kurosuke from OpenTGC Part Two


Piper felt something tickle her behind, a single tentacle lifting her skirt and then wrapping around her slim waist, holding her tight.

“Sorry, Piper, it’s just business… I swear this is normal procedure for me in combat” The Dark magical girl smirked, two more tentacles wrapping around Piper’s ankles as the smallest of them all trailed slowly up her thigh, kissing it with small suction cups, teasing her. It was teasing her!

The sensations of being bound and exposed were confusing, on the one hand Piper didn’t really want to even be there! But this body was LOVING the attention, each little rub and suck at her fleshy thigh was making her blush and whimper, gasping at the attention the tentacle took, before reaching her crotch. It was actually a bodysuit under her skirt, and two small clips was all it to unclasp the bottom of it, exposing her holes to the tentacles. But it took it’s time, instead sucking at the fabric, making it wet with slime and Piper’s dripping pussy.

The Dark Magical girl had no remorse, slowly moving closer to piper until they were eye level, “The name is Luca, by the way” She smirked, trailing two fingers down Piper’s jaw, before pulling her in for a soft kiss, her tongue suddenly became a smaller tentacle, sucking at the inside of Piper’s mouth, causing her to squeal, an ample distraction for Luca to send her tentacle straight for Piper’s hole…

“Hey! That’s… ahhh!” Piper yelped, crying out as a slick tentacle pressed against her asshole, slowly working its way inside. There was no pain for Piper, this body only knew pleasure, her back arched against the tentacle around her waist, her chest pressing up, just for Luca to wrap her hands around.

“Oh my… such soft breasts too, and judging by how sensitive you are, you were changed recently, am I right, Pretty girl?” Luca smirked, squeezing Piper’s breasts, paying extra attention to her nipples, just to cause a little more torment in her.

Piper was hardly focused on her, the tentacles binding her tightened, the tentacle slipping further into her ass, making her go cross eyed and almost drool a little, if not for Luca leaning over to kiss her.

A fourth tentacle worked it’s way between Luca and Piper, sliding into Piper’s outfit and laying two suction cups perfectly over Piper’s nipples, stimulating them slowly and using the tip of it’s tentacle to tease around Piper’s neck and throat.

Piper just continued to moan and whimper, the tentacle now pumping slowly in and out of her ass, Luca smiling down at her as she watched her tentacles play and toy with her, “You know, sweetheart, I can feel everything they feel, taste what they’re sucking on… you’re delectable” Luca smiled, “But I want some more… direct pleasure” She smirked snapping her fingers, she teleported them both to a bedroom, what Piper could assume to be Luca’s, Luca began lifting her red skirt up to reveal some new sort of magic, a thick cock pressing against Piper’s thigh, warm and dripping with precum.

“The tentacles feel good, right? Just you wait” She whispered, before laying Piper down on the bed, casting the Tentacle currently buried in Piper’s ass away, leaving her lower half available for use. Luca used the tentacle around Piper’s waist to lift her up, and push her down onto her cock.

Piper felt an incredible amount of pleasure, this was Luca’s special Magical girl trick, Piper just HAD to figure out if she had one too! But for the moment, this pleasure was all she needed. The tentacle did the work for them both, slamming piper against Luca’s crotch, the tentacles around Piper’s ankles ensuring she was perfectly positioned to please them both, over and over, she was impaled onto her Futa cock, until they both cried out in pleasure, Luca losing control of her tentacles as she exploded deep inside Piper, flooding her new womb with cum.

Panting and worn out, Piper lay back on the bed, a little black and red cat cuddling with a small pink cat at the foot of the bed, just as Luca grabbed Piper and pulled her into a spooning position, “Mmm… that’s sure to make you mine” Luca purred into her ear, a hand teasing Piper’s chest again. “Sorry I ruined that little get up, try something else on…” She said, snapping her fingers, Piper’s ruined outfit instantly becoming a black lingerie set, accented in red. Her hair turned a frost white and grew in length just a little, “Ohhh… now we match” Luca giggled.

Piper jumped up onto her knees and giggled, "I feel so powerful!" She cheered, flexing her arms a little.

Luca smirked and pulled the girl back down into her arms, "Of course you feel strong, filled with my cum... fucked into submission... like the perfect Magical Slut"

Piper had no idea, but her Magical Girl ability had finally come through! Whenever she was ahem fucked. She would always make her partner feel an incredible sense of pleasure and satisfaction, it would always be the best sex the other person has ever had, and she could feel it. But this power would be wasted, as only one person would ever get to feel this intense pleasure, the woman holding onto Piper currently. Luca could feel the power from her little pet, knowing she had just filled her so much, a devious little Magical Child would be sure to come soon, Piper had only been a girl for moments, but she was already pregnant… child inbound.

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