Mar 19, 2021

Wishes of Desire 3

Why the hell did I agree to get the fucking groceries. In this body something is bound to happen. God, I wish I never would have found that crazy witch. I mean how was I supposed to know my wish would come true like this. How was I supposed to know Stan would be able to change me as well? HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW I would end up joining him in womanhood? Only 350 more days until we can change these “desires” and I can hopefully go back to myself. I better take the usually vacant elevator back up to the apartment. I can not risk running into any men, or… well… or else. 

Ahh there it is, worth the walk. Fifteenth floor… check. 

“Hold the elevator! Hold the elevator!” 

You have GOT to be kidding me. Great two losers, one on a cell phone and one bald guy. Okay… just remain calm Mike, everything is going to be fine. Do not make eye contact and everything will be fine. Fuck… I am already getting horny though. I guess the bald head is not that much of a turn off... 

Who the fuck am I kidding…? I… I… can literally smell his hormones. Why did Stan have to desire such a SLUT. How did he word it again… oh right… “if sex with a male presents itself, the answer is always yes.” Too bad he had no idea he would be still stuck in womanhood, otherwise who knows what would have happened with us living together… 

WHY IS THIS ELEVATOR SO SLOW? Fuck it, I need it. I need it so fucking bad. I will… I will just lightly tap his dick. Yeah… that will be enough. I can already tell it is huge. 

“Ohhh… Ohh hello… mmm… do you have a name girl? I mean if we are going to get this friendly with each other….” 

“It's… Mi… Mi… Sophia. Ughh… es Sophia… now grab mi tits papi!”

Fucking Stan… I can not even say my name is Mike anymore!

“You do not have to ask me twice Sophia, the name is Connor by the way. Mmm… god your hands are so soft… oh fuck… you have massive tits Sophia. They feel so fucking good in my hands.”

“Shhh… we have to be quiet papi… we have company… mmmm… you make mi so wet. Get hard for mi papi. Mmm… you are so biiiggg!”

God, I sound like such a slut… who am I kidding… I am giving a hand job to a stranger in a fucking elevator!

“God you are so hot Sophia, I bet a nice Spanish girl like you has an amazing booty… our friend with a cell phone is turned, can I see that ass baby?”

Buddy… you have no idea how nice my ass is. I can only wear thongs too soooo enjoy that fucking view. 

“Siii papi, es all yours!”

“God such an amazing ass… you are so fucking sexy Sophia. Oh look… our friend just got off the elevator. I think it is time to get on your knees. I want my dick to be so hard for you. I know your mouth is going to feel amazing wrapped around my fat dick.” 

“Siii papi… I am so excited to taste tu. Make mi gag... “ 

Make me gag? Where the fuck did that come from? Let's just get this over with. My pussy is literally on fire, I need to get fucked ASAP.

“Ohhh Sophia you feel so good. You are really good at this...  you must have had tons of practice huh?"

Oh you have no idea… 

“Mmmhhgfff… mmmmmffff…” 

“Ohh Sophia… mmmm… I do not think I am going to last much longer; your mouth feels so fucking good. I think… mmm… I think it is time for you to bend over. God… I want to pound your Latina pussy from behind so bad. I am going to make you scream baby!” 

“Tu got it papi… I am so wet for you! So wet por tu big dick!” 

Damn he is cocky… make me scream… I mean I hope so… wait is he taking off all his clothes? Alright man… whatever suits your needs… OH GOD HE IS SO BIG. Jesus, I am never going to get over the fact I am actually taking dicks now.

“Faster papi… FASTER!”

“Ohh Sophia… fuck fuck… god your Latina pussy is FIRE. I do not think I can last much longer… mmm.. Mmm… oh god… here it… here it COMES… MMMMFFGGHHHHH!”

Are you fucking kidding me! He did not even ASK if he could come in me, or not. He did not even get me to cum myself! All that work… did it feel good, OF COURSE but no orgasm… what the hell man! All that cock and NOTHING. 

“Well Sophia I had fun; give me a ring next time you want some of this dick!” 

“Chau papi… besos!” 

Fucking douche…  ughh… time to see how Stan is doing, I guess. Or should I say Kiley. If I am stuck calling myself Sophia, at least he has the same issue. 

“Stan… oops sorry, yo mean Kiley, yo am home! Got the groceries. Still can not believe tu had MI go out and get them!”

“Can you like blame me Sophia? I am like… SUCH a like ditz now! I can not believe you like… DESIRE this! Also, did you like HAVE to make it so I can only like wear bimbo outfits? My heels are soooooo cute, but like SUCH a pain to wear 24/7. I have soooo many blisters!” 

“Wait… donde esta?” 

“In the like… living room cutie!”

“DIOS MIO Kiley, en the living room? Es that really necessary? No wonder the whole apartment smells like sex!” 

“Ohh I am like… SOOOOO sorry to inconvenience you. Like… who decided they desired a woman who like NEEDS to orgasm six times a day? As for the nakedness… like I can not just put on pajamas. I HAVE to dress like a bimbo in heels so like… nakey it is!” 

“Nooooo way. Tu do not get to complain anymore. Have tu heard me!? Yo am a Latina SLUT. Yo just got FUCKED en the elevator getting our groceries! These tits are MASSIVE. Yo am always wet...”

“Ooof… hold one one second Sophia… here comes my orgasm... “ 

“Ahhhh… fuck that is good… whew, I like, might finish my Six orgasms BEFORE bedtime. Hopefully, I will like ACTUALLY get some sleep tonight… Any who… you were saying Sophia?” 

“Yo was saying that tu ruined mi life! Yo see dick and mi panties practically FLY OFF. These tits always hurt… yo mean look at them bounce!”

“Sophia… do I need to like remind you this is all YOUR fault! You are like… the one that made that stupid wish. You are like soooo the one that transformed me first. I mean like… I was a Latina slut too you know! I totally thought like… you would soooo enjoy it hehe. I desired a Latina slut that gives in to any like… male gaze! I just had noooo idea I would be stuck as this like… air head!” 

“Serves tu right puta! Yo desired an airhead that needs to orgasm six times a day and here TU are! UGHHHH every time yo leave the house yo get absolutely fucked! Yo am STILL leaking elevators guy sperm out of mi! Now we are stuck like this for almost A YEAR!”

“It's like… not so bad pretty! GAWD I wish I had your skin… you are like soooo flawless girly! Mmmm you know, I would tooottallyy have sex with you. I have been a girl… for like… a while now hehe, let me show you the ways silly! It has been like two weeks and we still have not like… fucked each other! I could just like… hmmm… what did that scroll say… OH! I could just like fake a fight, then we would lust after each other hehe…!” 

“NO!!! Fuck tu puta! Chau!” 

“Finnneee! You like, so totally know where to find me!" 


That Night… 

“Kiley… what are tu doing en the living room again?” 

“Ohh… hi Sophia! Like could not sleep either. I like toootally miscounted earlier, I still need my sixth orgasm hehe. Came out here to get that done… you know, like, totally the usual!” 

“The elevator guy… he did not get me to cum…” 

“MEN, am I right girly? Any who… time to warm up this pussy hehe!” 

“Tu could… warm mi up…” 

“What was that Sophia? Like I could not like hear you!” 

“FIne KILEY… yo suppose we have fucked as man and woman. Lesbian… could be fun. Yo REALLY need an orgasm… I NEED IT. GOD what did tu do to mi… tu really did desire an absolute SLUT. Alright… yo am here… now what chica?” 

“Hehe well silly, so glad I like desired a Latina that can only sleep like… nakey! Step one is like already done… now… THIS!”

“Mmmm god Sophia you taste so good… so exotic and delicious. Like a juicy latina lollipop hehe! Mmm… I am already getting like so wet!” 

“Mmmm chica, yo am getting wet as well… Yo love the feeling of our breasts squeezing together. Yo LOVE the feeling of my nipples running along yours. Mmmm yo think our pussy juices are running together on the couch. Tu are what yo desire… just did not expect to have a pussy as well!” 

“Mmm we like smell soooooo good girly! I think you need to come here my latina slut. I desire tasting those exotic juices hehe. Like do you want to like… ride my face? I am like soooo talented with my tongue. You really got to see this; you really need to feel this. Like… come on… ride my face you SLUT hehe! Imagine how much your tits are like… going to bounce now!”  

“Oooh… OHHHH DIOS MIO… Kiley… mmmmm… tu really know how to use that tongue! Fuckkkkk dick… yo am team pussy! Mmmm… fffuuuuuckk…

“FFFUUUCCKK Kiley… yo am about to orgasm on your face chica… mmmm… MMMMGGGGGFFF… oh… oh… DIOS MIO… MMMMMGGHHHHFFFFF… fuck… fuck… fuck… UGHHHHH… that felt sooooo gooood chica!”

“Ohhh girly, we are not done yet hehe, you are a girl now! Multiple orgasm you little slut hehe. Like slide your pussy into mine… lets orgasm at the same time hehe. Let's pump each other's juices like… into each other!”

“Like… mmm… like this chica?” 

“Perfect Sophia… god we are like SOOO wet girly! Now pick up the pace you slut… come on girly, give it to me all! Pretend you have your like… dick back and fuck me girly!”

“Oohhh… chica… ohhhh… god tu feel so fucking good. Mmmmm look at our tits… look at them bouncing up and down. Mmmm… fuck… yo am going to cum again. Wait… wait… didn’t I desire tu to be a squirter?” 

“Ohhh… you sure did girly… I am literally going to like.... Squirt right into your pussy!” 

“Fuuuucckkk that es like so hot chica. Give it to mi… harder chica HARDER! MMMMM… Yo love the sound of our tits smacking against us. MMFFF yo am so close chica!!” 


“SI SI SI SI SIIIIIIIII CHICA… mmmm here comes another oneeeee!! FUCCCKKKK mmmmmmGGGFFFFFFF… UGHHHHHH!!” 

“I… told… you… it would be… whew… worth it…”


“Hey… hey Sophia… whew… how crazy… mmm… do you think we can like… make these changes?”

“Chica… if we desire it…”

“Girl that totally means I could make you pregnant… hehe”

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