Mar 12, 2021

Wishes of Desire 2


“Fucking FINALLY, tomorrow is the day Mike, tomorrow is the day you finally change me back! I will finally get rid of these massive tits; I can finally stop getting fucked every single time we have anything CLOSE to an argument.” 

“Stan… mmm… do you think we can finish having sex first, this is a very strange time to have this conversation!” 

“Oh, shut the fuck up and finish already! I have already cummed three times already, I was horny at the beginning but now I am just excited to finally change back! Do you think that it will start at midnight? We will be asleep; I wonder if we just fix everything in the morning?”

“STAN… seriously… can you just HOLD ON! I am almost… mmm… almost UGHHHH MMMFFFFF… oh yeah… whew… all done! Told you I was close!” 

“Alright… Mike… I know you like to stay in me, but can you slide out now? I am going to bed; I am so excited to be back to my normal self tomorrow! I mean, you ARE going to change me, back right?” 

“Whaaat? Yeah… ehem… of course Stan, a year of endless sex is all I needed, I will change you Stan, I promise.” 

“You fucking better Mike! You have no idea how hard life is with these fucking balloons. Even sleeping is difficult. Alright… well… see you tomorrow. Night!” 

“Night Stan…” 

The Next Morning

“Well… my fun is finally over… can not say I did not have fun though; I mean having sex with Stan multiple times a day for a year? Most men WISH they could be that lucky… mmm… I am going to miss those tits though. Oh well, he is probably already up waiting for me. Time to head for the kitchen…” 


“STAN?? STAN?? What is wrong… what is happening… I am coming!! Oh….” 

“Oh… OH…? Soy Latina!! Ayudame… AYUDAME!!” 

“Stan… I have no idea what you are saying! Damn… you are fucking HOT though! Where did you even get that bikini? Did it come with the body? I mean you are Stan right…?” 

“Siiii Yo soy Stan! Hablas Espanol? No entiendo Ingles… NO ENTIENDO. Estupido…” 

“What the fuck is happening… wait… okay hold on, maybe, since it is still the anniversary of everything you can still be changed! Think… think… Stan knows and speaks English... “ 

“Dios mio… thank god… oof… I still have mi accent, pero, I can speak English enough. What the FUCK did you do tu me!? I woke up like dis. Everything I try to put on turns into a bikini! Pajamas, poof bikini, hoodie, poof bikini, sweatpants, poof bikini! ANSWER ME PUTA!” 

“I… I… do not know man! I mean… the scroll did say…” 

“Did say wut? Mike?” 

“Hehe… I kind of like the way you say my name now Stan! Anyways… umm… lets see… let me pull it out again.” 

“Yeah… see here Stan… the scroll technically says on rule two No interference will change the desire of either one. What if… well what if that means that we do not have as much control as we thought? What if part of me wanted you to become a smoking hot Latina chick? Even though I would ABSOLUTELY change you back, because you are my friend, what if that does not matter? My desire is that body! Also… as far as your clothes changing and your accent remember rule three? Transformations can be made to both body and mind. I must have desired you to have an… well… accent.” 

“Pero… just change tu desire!! CHANGE MI BACK!”

“Stan! No one can just change desires! Do you realize how hard that would be? Besides… umm… you must have been desiring something yourself. I well… woke up with a change too…” 

“Si? Where? Tu looks the exact same!” 

“Well… my penis is… HUGE! We must have been having sex like this for so long you were still craving my dick this morning... “ 

“EEEEEEk!! Fuck you! FUCK YOU PUTA!! I am going to me room before rule one makes me fuck tu stupid ass!” 

“Wait!! Stan…!” 

“Chau puta!!”

A Couple of Hours Later…

“Woahh… Uhhh Stan… what are you doing buddy? Jesus… I know we are going through a lot right now but… DAMN your ass is like, perfect in every single way. I could just take a bite out of it… or stick my new giant dick in it… SORRY I am getting sidetracked… why are you butt ass naked Stan?”

“Why am I naked? Because ALL of mi clothes turn into bikinis tu idiot! All thanks to you! The bikinis are so uncomfortable! All up mi booty and pussy!  I also have this INTENSE need to clean for tu. Tu turned me into a Latina housewife! What is worse… I can not stop shaking mi booty… ESPECIALLY if I have a bikini on.”

 “Wait… what do you mean? You mean… if you have a bikini on you HAVE to shake your ass? Oh god that is hilarious… I guess that scroll was right… maybe this IS my desire! Can you demonstrate what you mean…?” 

“Ayyy puta… sure… fine… look, nice pair of sweatpants si? I slip them on ann poof!” 

“Ohh… ohh my…”

“Si… es a beautiful booty. Pero, I am a man!!!” 

“Not with an ass like that you are not… look you made my dick HUGE… there is still time left in the day… maybe if we… well fuck the desire out of our systems we will be able to change each other back to normal?”

“PUTAAAA… tu es right… uughh… here we go again. I did see myself in the mirror… I am fucking hot, I get it. I just can not believe this es happening. Vamos papi… get that big dick out, maybe put it between mi breasts? I mean it apparently es mi desire after all... “ 

“God… Stan this is going to feel so good! Look at those caramel breasts… mmmm… here with go! Maybe spit on it to get it going my Latina slut! MMMM… fuck that feels so good!” 

“Mmm… siii papi…” 

“God that fucking accent… I love it!”

“Siiii papi… siii! Mi breasts are so sensitive. Smaller than last time pero wayyyyy more sensitive. I may have mi first orgasm before you even put it in mi papi! Mmmm…” 

“Stan… you are so fucking hot… god you feel so good. I think we need to switch, or I am going to blow all over that pretty latina face. Mmm… I think we HAVE to do it doggy style. I need to watch this new dick enter and exit that sexy latina pussy from behind.” 

“Mmmm… lets do it papi… fuck me! Bend mi over and FUCK ME! 

“Holy… holy… SHIT Stan! You are so into this I am not even doing any work! You are just slamming that pussy back on my dick as hard as you can. MMM… Stan you feel so good… you are so so wet! God, you are dripping all over the bed! Your pussy smells so different, it is like exotic… well… hehe I guess you are… MMMMM FUCK you feel so good! I love hearing my balls slap against your ass Stan!” 

“Shut… the fuck… UP Milke!!! You really fucked mi up this time… mmmm… I am craving your dick so much… this body defintely has lesbian thoughts too though… MMMM FUCK you are hittline ALL MI SPOTS!”

“Stan… you were so good shaking that booty earlier… twerk for me… TWERK ON MY BIG DICK!” 

“Siiii papi… hold on, this es going to be a RIDE, hang on for as long as tu can!!”  


“Holy fuck Stan!! You just squirted all over me! Please do not stop, PLEASE DO NOT STOP!! I am going to cum so fucking hard, I am going to give it ALL to you! You must have desired a big load because I can feel it building up in me, I am going to cum so hard! SO HARD FOR YOU MY LATINA SLUT!” 

“En mi Mike ENNNN MIIIIII!!” 

“If you think you can handle it Stan!! OH FUCK… here… here… comes… THE FIRE HOSE! MMMMMMFFGGHHH!! UGHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH ARGGHH… fuck fuck… it is still coming holy shit MMMGGHHHFHFHHFHF! WILL IT EVER STOOOOOOOOOOP!! FUUUUUUUUCKKK MMMMMFFHHHHJJJ... “ 


“Whew… that… that was amazing Stan! I have never cummed for that long before! I actually felt my balls deflate! I guess we should see if the desire changes at all?”

“S… Si… whew… I am exhausted… that dick was so… worth it… dale… try to change mi back papi…”

“I have been trying Stan… I just do not desire it! What do we do!?”

“I just got fucked so hard… Yo need a minute… mmm… too bad you’re not a woman too… cuddling with a woman es what I desire now…”

“STAN! Oh fuck…” 


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