Mar 5, 2021

Wish of Desire Part One

Mike walked home the same way every day. The exact same train. The exact same job. The exact same everything. He worked super long hours and had very little to show for it. The worst part of it all? No one to come home to. It was not that Mike was bad looking, he just had no time to get out on the dating scene. The only person he really had in his life was Scott, his best friend. Mike was just tired of it all, he wanted to share a bed with someone, share a life with someone, hell… have sex with someone! 

One strange day, everything changed. Mike was taking his usual way home when he saw an old lady carrying a basket. Great… another homeless person asking for money Mike thought. 

“Why hello young man, care for a wish?” 

“Sorry lady… I do not have any change on… wait, did I hear you correctly? Did you say care for a wish?” 

“Why yes I did just write your wish on this piece of paper and throw it in the basket young man, it is that simple.” 

“Heh… yeah sure lady. Listen I have to go…”

“Oh Mike… give it a shot, I promise you will enjoy it hehe.”

“How… How did you know my name? Do I know you? You know what, if it gets you away from me fine. Give me that paper. I will wish for a relationship with intense passion and endless devotion. Here you go lady!”

As Mike put the paper in the basket it caught fire, burning away quickly and leaving a weird rainbow like smoke. 

“Why thank you dearie… here, a scroll which may explain any questions you may have regarding your wish. Have fun! Toodles!” 

Mike put the scroll in his backpack and scurried away. That woman just gave him the creeps. Not to mention that smoke and when did she have time to light the paper on fire? Also, how in the world did she know his name. Too many questions. To be fair though, Mike semi enjoyed something weird happening for once… 

“Finally… home at last, time to sit down and enjoy some television, it is Friday, maybe there is a new episode of WandaVision. I wonder if that Thai place is open down the street finally, I have been waiting for months for them to open… what… the front door is unlocked. The only other person with a key is Scott, I know I locked that door…”

Mike pushed open the door slowly, instantly he was hit by a floral like smell, it was like the perfect perfume. It smelled like a mixture of roses and lavender. It was heavenly, but did not stop him from being worried about some sort of intruder. Granted, a really good smelling intruder. 

“Hellooo?? Anyone… anyone here?? I have a gun!”

“I know you do not have a gun you fucking idiot, in here, I am in the living room!” 



“Woah… weird… I feel so weird with you in the room, if I had to guess I think this feeling would be… ah nevermind. It is me Mike! It is Scott! The weirdest fucking thing happened. I was just hanging out in my apartment and some weird rainbow smoke filled the apartment. Next thing I know I am this fucking chick! You got to believe me man! I HAVE A FUCKING PUSSY! I HAVE FUCKING TITS!”

“Listen lady… I am not sure how you got in here, but trust me, Scott does not look like THAT!”

“Listen man… I am telling you IT IS ME! Look, how else did I get your front door open, how else do I know you have not had sex in a year! I mean LOOK AT ME! Do you think a girl that looks like THIS would just show up at your apartment?” 

“I… I do not… I do not know…” 

“I really did not want to do this Mike… FUCK… ughh… would anyone else do… THIS!”

“Side note though… LOOK AT THESE THINGS… fuck me… they are like water bags. Walking over here was super weird man. I mean, these things bounced the whole time, they have a mind of their own. Anyways… believe me now?”

“Holy shit Scott… IT IS YOU? Jesus, put a shirt on man! I can not believe you are a chick, a really hot chick! Wait I wonder if this has to do with that old lady… oh no… she really meant it…”

“Uhhh Mike, care to share? I would REALLY like to figure out what the hell happened to me, kinda freaking out over here!” 

“Well… on the way home today, I met this very strange woman with a woven basket. She said that she had the ability to grant wishes. She gave me a piece of paper and I wrote down that I wish for a relationship with intense passion and endless devotion. When I put the paper back in the basket, it burst into flames, only the smoke was this weird rainbow color. Now here you are, transformed into a chick, and saying you saw the same type of smoke filling your apartment.” 

“So you are saying… YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU FUCK!! All because you could not get a girl!? Change me back you son of a bitch! Go find that woman. I do not know, DO SOMETHING! I can not live my life like this, hell, I will have to pee sitting down! I could get periods! I HAVE WATER BAGS ATTACHED TO MY CHEST!”

“I can not just change you back Scott, I do not have that ability and who knows how long it would take me to find that woman again! It is not like she has a wishes wanted ad in the paper! You just need to relax, you are making your breasts swing all over the place!” 

“RELAX… FUCKING RELAX? From what I can tell you just turned me into a fucking woman for your personal desires! Magic changed ME into YOUR dream girl and you want ME to RELAX!? I should kick your fucking ass, I swear… I swear… I… what the… something weird is happening… I am… I am… fuck me, I think I am… horny??” 

“Scott… I am horny too… something weird is happening man… I can not stop staring at your tits. I can not help but wonder if your pussy smells as good as the rest of you, things are getting weird over here... “

“Take off your pants… take them off RIGHT NOW Mike…” 

“Wait… Scott… ughh I am SO HARD. What is happening to us? We… we really need to stop this…”

“Really? We need to stop it Mike? Is that why your pants are already off? Is that why my pussy is running like Niagra Falls? Fuck man, I can literally smell myself I am so fucking horny… I need to get on my knees. I need to suck… I need to suck your fucking cock. I have never not wanted to do something I really want to do! Wait… did that even make sense… who the fuck cares… COME HERE NOW!” 


“Oh fuck Scott… fuck man that feels so god damn good. How is your mouth so wet and velvety, jesus christ where did you even learn to do this? It must be the magic… fuck… Scott I have never been this horny in my life!” 

“Mmmmmmfhgh fahsfhjk asfhjkwqufhas”

“Whaa… What Scott?”

“MMMM… Mike I need you to… I need you to fuck me. FUCK ME SO HARD.” 

“Are we… are we sure about this… fucking hell man, this is wild…” 

“Of course I do not want this Mike but I FUCKING NEED IT. Stick that cock in my soaking wet pussy right now man, RIGHT NOW!”

“Wait… wait… lets do it doggy style, I really am not ready to see your orgasm face... “


“Holy shit Scott… How are you this wet… god damn… ughh I do not know how long I am going to last, I could cum right now but I… I want… I want… to keep fucking.”

“Hold on Mike… hold on… I am… fuck… I am about to cum… GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD. You are hitting ALL my spots. SO glad we picked this position. Mmm… here it comes… HERE IT COME.... UUGGHHHHHHH MMMMMMM FUUUUCCCKKK”

“Scott… I am not going to last…”

“Wait… wait… I am not sure why, but I want you to come on my tits so bad… SO BAD! Let me get in position… there we go, let it all go Mike, my tits are yours to cum on, cum for me… CUM FOR ME!!”

“Fuck… god… that felt… that felt SO GOOD Scott..”

“I… can NOT believe I just did that Mike… I need… to shower right now. Just umm I do not know, clean up or something. I need to shower like now. We are SO going to talk about how WRONG this was when I get back! UGHHH I have your sperm all over me!!” 

“Alright well umm… there are fresh towels in the bathroom, not that sharing a towel would be that weird at this point... “

“I can not stress this enough… FUCK OFF! I will be back.” 

Mike, still out of breath, crawled over to his pants. He legs seemed to be like rubber after a fucking like that. He could not help but think about what just happened. His best friend turned into the woman of his desires and he FUCKED him, and hell, he ENJOYED it. As Mike reached for his jeans he saw a scroll sticking out of his back pocket…

“Oh shit… I completely forgot that lady gave me instructions about this whole thing. I should probably take a look at that.”

Mike pulled the string, unraveling the scroll, he could swear a little bit of rainbow smoke shot out. 

“Alright here we go… please have some answers…” 

“Oh jeez… Scott is going to kill me”

“Scott is going to WHAT now? What did you find out, Mike?”

“This is probably something we should talk about face to face, are you done with your shower? Can I come in?”

“Yeah, just drying off…”

“Uhhh… Scott… buddy, I know this is all new to you but you are going to need two towels from now on…”

“Ohhh.. oh fuck! Well… not like you did not just see them swinging around like a Disney ride or something. Hey… my eyes are UP HERE! Now come on… tell me what you learned about this absolute shit show of a situation, while I try to dry these ORBS.”

“Uhhh… well… maybe you should read for yourself…” 

Waiting for Scott to realize his fate was not fun, but Mike could not help enjoy the view. God he was fucking gorgeous. Those breasts… so big and fun. He even still smelled like pussy. Finally Scott spoke up…

“You… FUCKING… IDIOT!! I am going to KILL…. Fuck… ughhhh here we go again!”

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