Mar 29, 2021

What I Wanted Part One

“Ohhh… ohhh… FUCK that feels so good… UGHHH MMFFFF…”  

“Oh… oh god! Heather… am I hurting you, are you okay? Do you like it? I mean we are making love kind of hard right now. Would you maybe want to take it slow and sensual?” 

“For FUCKS sake, every single time. Why can you not be an actual man and fuck me hard? Every single time you ask if I am okay. You ask if you are hurting me. You ask if you are doing it right. It is getting absolutely ridiculous.”  

“Heather… I am not sure why you are being so mean to me; I am doing everything I can. I am not sure how to please you.” 

“That is my point, you are not assertive in anything you do! I feel like I am dating a woman, not a MAN. Hell, I should just start calling you Kendra. I mean, you are so ridiculously sensitive. You are always asking about my feelings. You are just so… so… SOFT. I mean I want a hard muscular man, not an Asian sissy. THIS is how you should be fucking my pussy!”


“Heather… please, I get it okay. I am sorry I can not be man enough for you, it is just not how I feel inside. I… I… I have no idea how to explain it, I just feel more sensitive and in touch with my emotions. I just want to treat you right.” 

“Yeah… and I just want you to BE A MAN! Ughhh… whatever, I am putting on my pants. I do not want to end up like my Dad, divorced and lonely. I think it is best if you just stay in the guest bedroom for tonight. I think this relationship might be over for good. Take your bag with all your fucking panties.”

“You… promised you would never mention that again. I swear it was just one time Heather…” 

“Yeah… whatever KENDRA, are you really telling me if I open this bag there will be no women's clothing inside? Not cute little panties or bras? Ughhh just go, you know I love you; I just do not think you are man enough for me.” 

“Let’s just talk about this tomorrow Heather… I will head over to the guest bedroom, good night Heather.” 

FUCK. Why did I love her calling me Kendra so much? Deep down… am I Kendra? All I had to do was give her good sex for once and I would have been fine, everything would have been fine. Now I am stuck in the guest bedroom. The worst part? OF COURSE, she was right about my bag, there were panties in there. I can't help it, I just love the way they feel on me, I love the way they look on me… I just do not feel myself… almost like I am in the wrong damn body. 

Ughh… well, I guess since I am no longer welcome in my girlfriends or I guess… ex-girlfriends’ room, I might as well put the panties on. What is the harm, things can not get any worse at this point. God, they feel so good. They really should make mens boxers out of this material, but no, that would not be manly enough I suppose. 

~door opens suddenly~ 

“Ohh.. oh shit, sorry! Wait, are you wearing…” 

“FUCK! Mr. Jackson, I am so sorry, I swear Heather said you would not be home tonight. I had no idea… I HAD NO IDEA! Oh jeez this is bad… this is really bad…” 

“Jesus man, calm down! I should have knocked; this is totally my fault. I… am so sorry… I will umm… leave you be to… well that I guess.” 

“Please do not tell Heather, Mr. Jackson! Well, actually… I am not entirely sure that would matter…” 

“What do you mean? Why would it not matter? Did something happen finally?” 

“She kicked me out of her room, I think it is safe to say… we are over sadly. She was nice enough to let me stay in the spare room though… wait… what do you mean finally?” 

“Oh please… no offense but I knew you were not man enough for her since the day you walked in. Pulse, once I found out about your crossdressing issues… well…. I think it helped me finally figure you out. It is okay to not feel comfortable as yourself, in fact… I have been waiting for this exact moment.” 

“Uhh… Mr. Jackson, what on earth are you talking about? What do you mean you have been waiting for this moment? You are kinda freaking me out right now.” 

“Heh… not enough for you to cover up your panties. You feel so comfortable in them, you have not even tried to cover them up.”

“Oh shit… fuck… I am so sorry Mr. Jackson… let me just grab…” 

“Heh… no need at all, I like it. In fact, I like you. I have been waiting for the inevitable, waiting for my daughter to end things with you. I want to make you the sissy that you are. My company has been working on a drug that can fully transform you into a woman. It can make you who you were meant to be, over a series of days, of course. We are not miracle workers… hmmm… well I guess in a way, we are!” 

“Mr… Jackson… I know you work in advanced tech… but… there is no way that is real, also even if it was, who said I wanted to be a woman!?” 

“You have… with all of your behavior. Also… please… Roger is totally fine, please I insist. Also, there is more to this… I want you to become MY woman. I want you to be my wife. Now… I know that is a lot, I am just going to leave these pills here on the dresser. I mean, think about it. You would finally be who you want to be. You would finally be with someone who loves how sensitive you are. Anyways… I better go before Heather wonders why I have been in the spare bedroom for too long. Give it some thought.” 

What the hell was that about. In all my time dating Heather, I am not sure I EVER heard him talk that much before. What he proposed… impossible! I mean, right? If it was possible… would I say yes? Do I really want to be a woman? I mean these panties would finally fit perfectly. I would finally never be judged for not being “man” enough. Is this really what I want… wait… stop it, this is not even real, I could take this pill right now and nothing would happen. In fact, I will do it, *gulp* see, nothing! Nothing at all, now I think it is time for bed. This entire day has been exhausting. 

The Next Morning

Mmm… that was the best sleep of my life. God… what the hell is going on down there? I have woken up with morning wood tons of times. This is… different. I am so horny, but I do not feel that hard. Maybe I should just stick a hand down there and see what the situation is… oh… oh fuck! I have never been this sensitive or… THIS SMALL! 


“Oh… oh wow, I am so glad to see you took the pill. As you can see, over just one night things have already started to change. In fact, I am willing to bet you have yet to realize how much longer your hair is now. You are well on your way… hmm… I shall call you Kendra. You are well on your way Kendra. You will be the perfect lover.” 

“I… mmm… I never agreed to become your l… lover…” 

“Kendra, you may have been able to convince yourself you were taking the pill for another reason but I know the truth. You WANT to be a woman, I know with time, you will WANT to be my wife as well. I will treat you so right. I will make your new body shake with pleasure. I will make sure that you finally feel like you are in the correct body. Anyways, I am off to work Kendra. I do hope you continue to explore your body. There are a lot of changes to come, I mean… your dick is practically gone sweetheart!”

Fuck… what did I get myself in to, ughh and this hair! He was right, it is everywhere. Is this the new me? Is this the… correct me? Damn… this dick is so fucking sensitive. My body feels so… sensitive. Almost like my sex is now connected to the rest of me, instead of concentrated in my dick.

I think I need some coffee to process this… Heather should be gone, and Roger of course left to go to work. I should be safe… Just grab the coffee and come back to the room. It can not be that hard, wait am I shorter…


“Wait… what the hell! How the hell did your hair get so long and… why are you so short? What the hell happened to my ex-boyfriend?” 

“Well… nice to know that is official. Heather, long story short, your dad has these pills he is working on at his company they…” 

“HOLY SHIT! You took the pills? He actually found someone to take them. Oh my… that son of a bitch, was this his plan all along? No wonder he encouraged me to date you. Wow… I guess your name really is Kendra now huh. Fuck dude, you realize you are going to turn completely into a woman, right?”

“I mean… assuming I continue taking the pills…” 

“Ha! What is the other option? He talks about his work all the time, by now you should have a super small dick, loss of height, longer hair and womanly nipples. Looks to me like you have those all!” 

“Womanly nipples… I am not sure I have those…” 

“Kendra… I can see them poking out of your shirt, here let me take it off! See… womanly nipples! You are well on your way. I bet your body’s sexual response is even changing. I mean watch, this is what a dick rub feels like… not bad right… more sensitive than before I bet. However, THIS is what a nipple rub feels like!” 

“Fuu… FUCK… Heather that feels… oh god… that feels amazing. Mmmm… god damn… I love these nipples so much....” 

“Haha, I bet Kendra. Welcome to the other side, well… kind of! Listen… this does not have to be awkward. I know this is always what you wanted. I mean you have been a cross dressing sissy for as long as I have known you. You are so sensitive. You should embrace it, I mean you can definitely still make someone in this house VERY happy.” 

“Embrace it huh… I am not so sure about that. Maybe this is what I want… Maybe, this has always been what I want. Listen… I should go shower…” 

“Whatever you say Kendra, you are going to make the perfect lover for my dad hehe. Also, while you are in the shower. Make sure you pay attention to your back side. I think that is already starting to change, cute booty girl! Hehe.” 

In the Bathroom

This is so wild, seeing myself in the mirror for the first time. I mean, sure I still look like me, but more of like a non-binary me. I am still Asian (thank god), I am still a man (for now and… sorta?), I just look like I have feminine features. My face is so soft. My voice is even starting to change.

Okay… just focus Kendra… great now I am even calling myself Kendra. The best thing I can do right now is to shower, just think things over. Both of the individuals in my life should be gone for the day now. I can just relax and take it all in. 

Oh… OH FUCK. Of course, Heather had to be right. Damnit, I have a girly ass! Jeez, how can even this part of my body be sensitive? Mmmm… it makes me want to rub my little dick. Maybe this is the last time I get to masturbate as a man. What a thought… ohh this ass… mmm… I am so turned on right now… fuck… my dick will not get hard though. It feels… wrong. It feels like it is no longer part of my body anymore. Jesus… what on earth have I gotten myself into. 

That Next Morning

Mmmm… fuck… it is like changing into a woman has me sleeping better. I mean, wow I feel amazing. Mmm… oh… oh wow. Yep, my womanly nipples now definitely have some fat developed with them. I never thought I would say this but… I HAVE TITS! Oh… oh god they feel so good. Wow... I mean of course breasts are made of fat but... I just never imagined this is how they would feel from this end. They are still pretty small... but they feel so heavy already.


“I see you are enjoying yourself Kendra. I can not say I am not enjoying the show as well.”

“Eeep! Mr. Jackson… How long have you been standing there?” 

“Kendra… PLEASE it is just Paul. Please just call me Paul, especially now. I have been standing here just long enough for you to find out you now have full blown breasts. I was going to wait until you saw downstairs, but I could not help myself.”

“Down… downstairs?” 

“Kendra… you still have some development left, but you are a woman now. Under those panties, is a full-blown pussy. Here… Let me show you.” 

“Uhh… Paul… I am not so sure about that…” 

“Kendra… just let go, just trust me. I will take care of you. I am here to help you through this, and I am here to make sure you enjoy it.”

“I can not explain it Paul… but… I… I… I trust you. You may pull down my panties.” 

“Ohh… wow Kendra, look at your kitty, she is so beautiful. That is all you Kendra, this is YOU. I know you have wanted this, I know you have wanted to be a woman. Look at you now… how does it feel?” 

“Oh Paul… oh it feels so good. I want it. I want to be a woman. Mmm… PLEASE keep rubbing it. Oh… it feels so sensitive, my entire body feels all tingly.” 

“I am so glad you are enjoying Kendra… but you need to explore her yourself. There will be a time for us, believe me. This is your time to explore your womanhood. Embrace it, this is what you have been waiting for. I will leave you be, who knows, maybe your transformation will be complete by the time I see you later.” 

Four Orgasms Later

Fuck… fuck… oh god, I love you pussy, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Wow… this entire room smells like my pussy, MY PUSSY. I can not believe this is real, I can not believe I am almost completely a woman. I can not believe that this is only the beginning, most of all, I can not believe… I love every second of it.

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