Mar 11, 2021

Preggo House

 “Ahhh… finally, a new home. A fresh start! Divorce was hard, but I am so happy to be able to start fresh in a new town. Creepy house… I guess, but who cares! It is a roof over my head!”

Tom has had a rough go of it as of late. After divorcing from his frankly abusive wife, he was excited to find a house for sale in the next State over. He got a really good deal too, it was strange, the house had a weird past. After some research Tom got really confused, it appeared that a man would buy the house but then a woman would sell it. He could not figure out how the seller of the house was not the same as the buyer. Either way, a good deal is a good deal. 

Tom packed up his stuff and loaded up the car. When he pulled up to his new home, he felt a weird chill in the air. The thermometer on his dash swore it was 78 degrees, but he was freezing. Tom stepped out of the car and looked up at his new home… 

Tom unloaded his truck and packed it in for the night. After starting to unpack Tom noticed a room that seemed to already have a bed made. The bed looked glorious, and he was so ridiculously tired, what would be the harm in calling it a night early? Not like he had any plans for tomorrow except unpacking. Hell, the bed even seemed to be super clean, begging to be laid on. Next thing Tom knew, he was cuddling up in the bed for the night.... A sweet smell filled the air… 

Day One

Tom awoke the next day and just felt… off… he slowly got himself out of bed and was shocked at what he saw, the ENTIRE house was unpacked. The boxes were even gone, presumably thrown away. 

“Hmm… now that is just strange… how is this even possible? Ehem… EHEM… what the hell. Why does my voice sound so fucking weird? My chest feels heavy too… well, new mattress I suppose. Maybe the air in the house is dry, changing my voice. Either way… I need to piss!” 

Tom walked past the mirror that would give him a clue of what happened, oblivious, he did not notice the new him. He walked up to the toilet and prepared to piss. 

“Ahhhh… wait… what the fuck… I am spraying EVERYWHERE! What is going on here, WHAT THE MOTHER FUCKKK! What the hell are these things? I have… I have… TITS!” 

When Tom looked down, he saw two of the biggest breasts he had ever seen. He was not even able to see that his dick was now gone, replaced with an adorable little slit. 

“This is not right… fuck fuck fuck… I need to lay down.”

Tom shook his new pussy, trying to get any piss left off of him. He walked over to the bed and collapsed. 

“Holy fuck… look at me... “

“What the hell is this house doing to me… these breasts are huge. Wait… also… did this bed change as well? Wait who cares! I am a woman that should be the focus, I am no longer… woah… I can not remember my old name. My name is… T… T… Elle! No, I am not Elle, I am ELLE! Ughhh, what is happening to me!” 

“Wait… something else is happening… Why is there a puddle near my new pussy? Oh my god… I am horny! Jesus, look at the flower, it is practically beginning to be touched! What is the harm, I mean I suppose it is my pussy now and when in roam… Oh… Oh god that feels amazing? I do not think my wife was EVER this wet, I would need a mop if I was on a hardwood floor. MMMM… ohhhh… wow… I think I am already going to cum… ughhhh mmmm UGGHHHH” 

“Whew… I think I need to shower now, this whole room smells like sex, hell I smell like pussy!” 

“God… I have NO idea how women deal with breasts this big; they are so ridiculously heavy. I mean I have been in this body for like… a couple of hours and my lower back is already killing me. Granted… when I was masturbating, I did grab them a couple of times and they sure are sensitive, just not sure if it is worth the pain! I feel like I need to stretch it out... “ 


“I guess this body is not so bad… it is weird being this feminine. I mean I used to have some pretty nice muscles… Now I am all tits and ass! Hehe it would be kind of funny to flex in this body…” 

“Hehe yep… I was right… that was kind of funny… alright shower time, whew, that fingering was hard work!” 

Elle got out of the shower and was once again attracted to the bed… almost as if it was pulling her. It was only noon, but she just felt so tired, possibly due to the furious fingering, or maybe due to some sort of magic… she had no idea, she just knew she wanted to sleep. She wanted to sleep right now. 

Day Two

“Ughhh… what the fuck… woah! Did I seriously sleep from noon yesterday all the way until the next morning? Jesus… It is almost like I did not even care that I was transformed into a woman. Shit… I feel even worse today somehow… mmmm but I do also feel horny. One quick fingering should not delay my day too much. Jeez… why the hell do my breasts look and feel so much heavier now!”

“Woah… that is weird… I do not remember being this chunky yesterday, I have to actually avoid my stomach to reach my pussy.” 

Elle shot up once she realized just how hard her stomach now was, this was no ordinary fat… oh no… this was something entirely different and she was VERY worried. 

“HOLLLLLLYYY SHIT! I am pregnant!! Jesus, not even a little pregnant, I am substantially pregnant. It has to be this house, it just has to be. First, I woke up a woman and now this! Ughhh god these breasts are getting way too heavy for my liking… hell any breasts are too heavy for my liking!” 

Elle ran around the house frantically looking for clues. She had to find a way to stop this, the house was winning, and she could not lose. She could not live her life as a woman! She could not have a baby! She could not pee sitting down! 

Maybe she could call the cops? No way… they would never believe her! From divorced guy to pregnant woman! They would laugh at her! 

“UGHHH this is worthless there are no clues anywhere. For some reason I can not just leave the house, it is like it has a hold on me. Oh great… I think I am having pregnancy cravings! I want pickles so bad! Also… how do women walk around with these pregnant tits and this bowling ball! My back is killing me… ah there is the fridge!” 

“Let’s see… I do not think I brought any pickles, but I do think I at least have a cucumber!” 

Elle pulled the cucumber out and took a bite. It did not satisfy her completely, but it was something. 

“How… how am I horny already! Are pregnant women ALWAYS horny!? It is almost like my fingers are not enough anymore, I need more!!” 

Elle looked down at the cucumber in her hands and knew what she needed to do… 

Day Three 

“That is what I am trying to tell you asshole, I am a fucking woman! You have got to believe me! I need you over here now, I can not explain it. Just get your ass over here or I will tell everyone it was you that robbed that liquor store when we were eighteen.” 

“Woah… easy Tom… I believe you now, trust me, no one else knows that.” 

“It is umm… Elle now…” 

“What the hell is going on over there?” 

“Just GET OVER HERE NOW this house could make me bigger any moment. I woke up from fucking myself with a god damn cucumber and advanced like THREE months!!” 

One Hour Later…

“Hey Tom… I mean… Elle… the door was open, I hope you do not mind… HOLY SHIT…”

“Oh hey man… sorry, just trying to get these damn clothes off, as you can see, in my condition being naked is a whole lot easier!” 


Elle… you are… you are…”

“A massively pregnant woman… yeah that is me. I think it is this bloody house. I should have never moved into this house. It is giving me weird feelings too... “ 

“What exactly do you mean by weird feelings? Why did you call me over here? To show me your massive breasts and fucking stomach that would put most pregnant women to SHAME!” 

“Ummmm listen, we have been friends for a long ass time and this body has… feelings… this house is not helping either, it is like it is trying to force me to fill a void. What I really need right now is for you to fuck the ever-living shit out of me. I need you to pound me. I need you to wreck my body and split me into two. I have been horny ALL fucking day, and guess what? I can not reach my fucking pussy… it just keeps getting wetter and wetter and wetter!” 

“Wait… you want me to… with a pregnant woman…” 

“You really going to turn down THIS? Listen is this weird, hell yeah it is, I am a fucking pregnant chick asking her best friend to fuck her! I literally feel life inside of me man, I am freaking out!” 

 “This is so weird Tom… shit sorry I mean Elle. I guess… I mean you are smoking hot. I guess you have gotten me pretty hard since I got here. I will help you out buddy.” 

“Calm down Mark, do not act like you are not getting anything out of the deal. This pussy is fire. Trust me! God, I have been wet all day, hurry up and get behind me. Only way we are going to be able to do this is doggy style.” 

“Uhhh okay… straight to business I see. Can not say I have an issue with that. Alright. Clothes off. Dick hard as a rock. Let’s do this thing. Damn… with all that is going on with you I never thought to check out your ass. That thing is gorgeous! Here… we go… mmmm… wow… you are really REALLY wet. I slid right in there! Oh, fuck you feel so good.”

 “OOOHHH god Mark… YES YES! I needed this so bad. I needed this so so bad. Jesus, you are big man, congrats. I guess I finally know what all those ladies were talking about all those years. Oh... yeah... HERE WE GO!" 

"God that feels amazing Mark, but I am going to need you to go harder. Like give it to me all, break me in half,I want you to pound my pregnant ass. Give it to me all, HARDER. HARDER. Oh yeah.... just like this... mm mmmm mmm god you feel so good. GOD, I needed this. I needed this so fucking bad. Ohh… oh… mmmm god here comes another orgasm mmm MMMMFFF Mmghhggrgrhr!!” 

“Finish in me man, seriously... pump all that seed into me I want to feel it. Oh.. oh.. I can feel you twitching!"

“Elle… I should pull… mmmm… I should pull… out right?” 

 “No, you fucking idiot! I am already pregnant! CUM IN MEEEEEE!!” 

“Oh, thank god… because here it… here it COMEESSS!! Mmmmmgggggffff UGHHHHH Mmmmmmfff!” 

Day Four 

Elle woke up with Mark wrapped around her. She thought to herself that they must have fallen asleep after there third round of fucking. God, she still could not believe she let him try anal. Oh well… it felt amazing. She pulled the covers back a bit but she knew what she was going to find. She was now by the looks of it in her third trimester. She could feel her swollen feet, however, could not see them. Her belly was absolutely massive. She sat up a bit to take stock of her body. 

“Ughh why do my tits hurt so much, there is so much pressure. It is like they are beginning to be squeezed or sucked on!” 

Elle took her hand and squeezed her nipple. 

“Holy shit!! Did milk just fly out? Jesus. I am basically a cow now! Ughh this baby is going to come today I can feel it!” 

For some reason Elle did not care, the house finally had its way with her. She laid down next to Mark and cuddled up close. As she felt Marks cum leaking out of her new pussy she smiled. She was so excited to start her new life with her baby daddy. 


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