Feb 18, 2021

Preggo Pills

Ughh… I can not believe I agreed to do this. They say happy wife happy life, but this is a bit extreme. All my wife has ever wanted was to be a mother, it has been her dream ever since she was a kid. Unfortunately, she simply could not have kids, we have tried for YEARS. Even IVF treatment would not work for us, not to mention the cost was just too much to keep trying.

This has all led to this moment, here I am in the bathroom, about to take a magical pill that some crazy witch type chick Piper claims will turn me into a woman. Well not just any woman, a pregnant woman. Apparently, Piper normally just sells bath bombs, but has recently decided to test branching out a bit. Something about how her girlfriend Melony had some ideas. I am not really sure; she was hyper and talked really fast.

Anyways… here we go, time to pop this pill.

30 minutes later

“Savannah… what uhh what are you doing here? I thought you were going to give me some space this first night. As you can imagine, this is super weird for me.”

“Chris, I just had to see you! I am so excited, we are finally going to be a family, I am turning around right now! Oh… My… GOD!! Babe! That witch did not say you would be this far along, look at you! You are absolutely massive. I have to say though, you are a good-looking woman. I bet you are glad I left you that maternity dress in there, I can not imagine you trying to fit in anything else right now hehe.”

“Ughh… Savannah, I need to sit down right now. God… I am not sure I would have agreed to this if I knew I was going to be automatically THIS pregnant. Jesus, look at me, I am waddling already, I am a fucking penguin. It feels like I swallowed an entire watermelon whole. My new tits hurt so bad… like a dull throbbing. Ahh… it feels so good to sit down, I really hope you do not expect me to walk anywhere far ANYTIME soon!”

“Chris… can I um… can I feel?”

“I knew that was going to be your next question… fine… go ahead, just go easy. It is still insane to me that this massive thing is a part of me now.”

“God… Chris… it is real! There is actually something… someone… inside of you!”

“Trust me… I know, they currently have their foot up near my rib cage right now. Savannah, I have only been a pregnant woman for like 15 minutes and my whole body is already sore.”

“Well Chris… I guess it is a good thing that you have an amazing wife that wants to take care of you through the whole process. I mean… it is an added bonus that you turned out to be an EXTREMELY attractive woman… I mean DAMN babe! Here…  let us get that dress off and look at the whole package…. Do not worry, I will take care of you…”

“Oh shit… Chris… look at your little boobies!”

“Trust me Savannah… they do not FEEL little… just imagine when my milk comes in?”

“Ughh Chris, I am so jealous, look at those NUBS at the end of your breasts! What do they feel like? I mean, babe, not to be dramatic… THEY ARE MASSIVE. I mean it makes sense, they need to be big so babies can latch on, but I can not help feeling like I want to latch on!”

“Well Savannah… uhh… to be honest, while my breasts are sore, my nipples honestly feel like the end of my old dick. They are so ridiculously sensitive… just feeling the air around the room run past them brings me a sort of pleasure. It makes my… umm… downstairs… tingle a bit.”

“Hehe… god you are so attractive Chris, I am so turned on right now. I think it is a mixture of finally realizing we are going to have a baby and the fat your body turns me on so much… lay back Chris… it is time for me to take care of you, let me grab the massage oil.”

“Mmm… oh god… oh god… Savannah! That feels so good, as I am sure you know, with this new body it is like every part of me is an erotic zone. Do not stop… I need it to continue. GOD I am so fucking horny now, insane how my mood can change that fast… hehe pregnant women… am I right?”

“Chris… I am so turned on too! I love your big pregnant belly. I love your amazing boobs. I love your pale skin with little freckles all over. I just want to show you how good it can feel to be a woman… oh… I know…”

“Wait… what… what… ughh do not stop” 

“God… Savannah that feels amazing, my entire body is going wild for your tongue. UGHHH… MMMM… baby do not stop, go harder… As hard as you can, give me everything that tongue has. This feels way better as a woman. Normally it is just concentrated down there, but now my entire body feels it. I can not stop moving… UGHH it feels SO GOOD.”

“Savannah… where did you learn to do this!? God… mmm… but… I can not help my male tendencies… I need… I need to be on top!”

Chris continued riding, feeling orgasm after orgasm take over his body. His breasts were flying all of the place as he used his wife’s face to grind his new soaking wet pussy into. It almost reminded him of being a man again, being in control, but her knew he never felt this good having sex as a man, this was EVERYTHING. Chris felt slowly felt a massive orgasm coming on, he knew this was the one, the one that would send him completely over the edge.

“Savannah… here comes a big one… a really UGHH a really… MMMM… BIG ONE!!”

Chris used all his strength and added pregnancy weight to drive into Savannah’s mouth. Grinding on her like it was his mission. Afterwards… Chris collapsed on the bed looking over at Savannah, seeing all his new womanly juices covering her entire face.

“Chris…. I think…. I think…. We are going to get through this…”

“Savannah… you are so…. Right…”


  1. How wouldnone get a commission like this from you?

    1. Hiya!

      First, thank you so much for reaching out! These take a lot more work than normal captions. Basically, I would charge the Five Caption Series price on my DevinatArt :)

  2. This is so sexy. More pregnant lesbian caps please!!!