Feb 2, 2021

Internet Witch Part Three

“Well buddy, I think I have given you enough time to recover what do you think of this banging body huh? I mean look at the leggings I put her in also, can you say BOOTY. After spending some time as that professor you enjoyed, I thought it might be nice to stick to a “tighter” body. Well… except in the booty department that is, what can I say, I just love the jiggle!”

“Listen Mateo, was that a dream come true? Of course! I have been dreaming of that MILF since I came on campus. However, I do not think I can do this again. I mean I still know it is you in there, and in a way, we are using their bodies. I really do not know how I feel about this. It is cool you are experimenting life on the other side; I just do not think I should be involved.

“Listen Alix, I already explained this… it takes up too much time trying to find a guy. I know I can become super-hot, but who knows how long it would take to bring a guy back! Not to mention, I hope you remember, I will be stuck in whatever body I am in at the 24-hour mark. Now it is already nighttime, I have about 12 hours left. You really want me wasting all that time looking for some sucker who will let me fuck them and then run away?”

“Alright fine… I mean I am enjoying it. My balls were really starting to ache with that lack of sex… so what is next?”

 “Hmmm… now that is a good question… ooohhh how about we add some international flair to this sex party? How about some black booty?”

“Wow… Mateo, I am not sure why this is a surprise but that is wild! You changed the color of your skin!? The sky really is the limit! OMG! Wait! Remember that girl that used to be in our English class? The foreign exchange student?”

“Ooohh… I love the way you think Alix! Sophia was so fucking sexy… alight here we go!”

“Te gusta papi?”

“Wait what, Mateo…?”

“Heh… oops… kind of forgot to make sure I can speak English, is this accent okay? I thought it would be sexy to keep, but wanted to make sure I knew enough English to talk to you Alix”

“God that was so fucking hot… the way you say my name now, I think I already have a massive boner!”

“You think it is massive now? Let me get into something more comfortable for you… How about a nice black piece? Oh god… I know that MILF has some massive tits, but these ones are amazing too. I mean they do not sag as much, instead they have this full feeling. I cannot squeeze them as much and they feel like they fit higher up on my chest. Here I will pull them out for you buddy!”

“Oh god… Mateo… I used to think YOU were the luckiest man alive, I am starting to think I am the luckiest man alive! Look at those things, they could hypnotize me. Also… once again, I am amazed at that accent and your skin, you are a real Latina beauty! I mean look at that amazing brunette hair… ugh… I need to keep it together!”

“Good luck… especially when I start doing this…”

“Dear god… I have had dreams of Sophia doing something like this… hell I have masturbated to her before and now she is here… in my living room… with the mind of my horn dog roommate. Hey, Mateo… think I can see her ass? I mean in that outfit, god I am starting to drool…”

“Of course buddy! I am so glad you asked because you have to see this thing, I should not have picked an outfit that would be so far up my Latina booty! It is even starting to ride up my pussy… I am getting more and more turned on with every movement. I can feel my outfit start to collect my pussy juices, here, take a look!”

“Jesus Christ… Mateo, unless you want to wait for me to recover again, we need to get this show on the road… I mean… I am going to cum in my pants if you keep teasing me! Then no one wins! I want to cum in one of Sophia’s warm folds!”

“Alright, alright, I got you buddy… listen there has been something I have been wanting to try. I am not sure why… anyways… sorry if our relationship changes after this.”

Mateo walked up to Alix and pushed him down onto the couch. He pulled Alix’s thick throbbing member out of his pants and looked at Alix right in the eyes.

“Mateo… what is… ohhh…”

Mateo took Alix’s member and stuck it between his large caramel breasts, slowly sliding his fat balloons up and down Alix’s cock. Then Mateo did something he NEVER imagined he would, let alone WANT to do. He started licking the head of Alix’s cock. 

 “Uhhh Mateo, listen this feels really good. I am as hard as a rock, but you may need to work on your technique I am not sure if you are doing this correctly…”

“Hey fuck you Alix, I am trying okay!? Now get on the bed! We are doing this reverse cowgirl style. I want to be in control this time and I am still not ready to see your orgasm face haha.”

Mateo crawled on top of Alix and impaled the dick into his dripping wet pussy. He had only been in a couple of woman bodies; however, he had NEVER been this wet before. He could feel his juices collecting at the bottom of Alix’s shaft as he started riding up and down, already feeling his first orgasm approaching…

“Fuck… Fuck… yes… ughhh Alix your dick is SO hard… it feels SO good rubbing up against my swollen clit!”

Mateo continued riding, feeling orgasm after orgasm take over his body. His breasts were flying all of the place, he could audibly hear them slapping against his Spanish tummy. Everything felt like it was exploding, and he was certain he blacked out at one point. He just kept riding up and down on Alix’s dick. It almost reminded him of being a man again, being in control, but her knew he never felt this good having sex as a man, this was everything, this was life.

“Maa… Matt… Mateo… I am going to cum…”


“Waaa… wait… I cannot… get you pregnant… right…?”

Mateo though about this… but before he could even answer he felt Alix explode into him, he felt his warm seed entering him… something felt different though… his pussy felt different, and his stomach felt huge… he was so bloated. He looked down while continuing to pump all the cum out of Alix’s dick.



Part Three! I hope you enjoyed!

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