Feb 11, 2021

Internet Witch Part Four


“Alix we really REALLY need to figure out what the hell happened. I am absolutely miserable in this body. I can not seem to transform into anyone else AND there is absolutely nothing in the house that fits me. Here, look at this shit, this is the biggest bra someone has left behind. NOT EVEN CLOSE to wrapping around these fucking boulders. I can not be stuck like this!”

“Mateo you really need to relax, it honestly looks like you are ready to pop. If I had to guess, I would say you are already at the 40-week mark, I mean look at you! It looks like someone put an air pump up your pussy and blew you up. Those tits… wow they look so heavy… sorry man, I will try to focus. Something had to happen to cause this right? Are you sure the witch did not say 18 hours or something?”

“No, I am POSITIVE that she said 24 hours, I should have plenty of time to change back into my body or hell, any body but this one! Oh fuck… mmmm… I need to sit down… I think this is a contraction… AHHH… mmm…. deep breaths Mateo… you go this man. Pull your self together, ughhh dear god these fucking hurts… stretch it out, stretch it out.

“I can not help but laugh a little Mateo! I mean YOU are having contractions, Jesus! I mean just yesterday you were a small white boy! Now look at you about to give birth! Wait… does this mean you have some milk in those tits?”

“Nah Alix… not yet… I do not think it came in yet.”

“Damn… I really wish you had milk in those things Mateo, that would be so cool to see!”

“Ummm… Alix, something is happening… it feels, well, honestly it feels like my breasts are filling up with something. Oh jeez… this is almost starting to hurt more than the contractions. It feels like my nipples are a dam keeping whatever is in these titty bags from coming out. I need… I need… to squeeze it out, it hurts so bad!

“Ah… Ah…. Oh…. That feels so good… mmmm…”

“Wait a minute! Alix! You wished for this! YOU ARE CONTROLING MY BODY! Remember when we were fucking? You asked if you could get me pregnant. YOU DID THIS TO ME! Change me back right now you son of a bitch! Fuck I need to just keep milking… I am a god damn cow!”

“I do not even think cows produce that much Mateo! We are going to need a bucket pretty soon! Wait I got it… hear me out, maybe you did not just get shapeshifting powers for your body but also your feelings and powers themselves? I know it is hard to admit but you were enjoying being dominated by my dick. Subconsciously, maybe you wanted to be even more submissive by essentially shapeshifting your powers over to me. That way I could be your ultimate dom!”

“Okay… sure… maybe! If so, prove it and GET ME OUT OF THIS BODY! Everything hurts, I feel absolutely massive and for the love of god I am STILL milking myself!”

“Okay Mateo I got you! I will just think about a dream girl and we will see what happens! Umm okay… skinny girl with massive pillows… nice outfit… okay here we go…”

“YES! Finally, no longer pregnant… damn Alix, who the hell did you change me into? This has to be an actual dream girl, no way she exists. Not with breasts like these on a body like hers… ohhh they are so squishy! They feel like that memory foam… I have to pull one out!”

“Heh… yeah she definitely does not exist Mateo, I wanted to test the limits of what I could change you into. Go ahead, take a seat, and play with them. I guarantee you will be pleased with the results. I guess you could say I combined the perfect size and squishy factor for your new breasts.”

“Wow… Alix, you were not kidding! Look at them! It is like a damn waterbed; every ripple sends shock waves through my entire body. Did you enhance my sensitivity or something?”

“Something like that, I am glad you are enjoying Mateo, I know I am! I am harder than ever over here!”

“Yeah yeah… seriously though Alix. I am guessing you need to transfer my power back to me. Since I was an idiot and went all submissive. Mind handing it over?”

“Not so fast Mateo… you wanted to be submissive… I am sure I can make that happen. MAYBE I will give you your power back, maybe I will transform you into an inanimate sex toy forever. Wow I am enjoying this power… now get over here and play with my dick!”

“You are lucky I still want to experiment, but you better give me my powers back after… ughh… well come on! Pull that pleasure shaft out and let me take care of it.”

“God this is so weird Alix… I am your roommate turned imaginary girlfriend giving you a fucking hand job. I am thankful for the heightened sensitivity on my breasts though, this motion has them bouncing all over the place, which I am enjoying VERY much!”

“Ughh… Mateo… god that feels so good… but a blowjob would feel even better!”

“No fucking way Alix!”

“You realize you are at my mercy… right Mateo? I guess back to a pregnant woman you go…”

“NO GOD NO, okay okay… here goes…"

“FUCK Mateo… Jesus that feels so good… watching you bob your head up and down on my shaft is something else… You are getting fairly good at this, especially compared to last time. Must me some of the adjusts I made to you. Ughh… god I think I am going to cum soon…”

“Mmmhmff mmmm mmghrfff”

“Haha Mateo I have no idea what you are saying! What do you not want me to cum in your mouth? You do not want to suck down my seed?”

“nommhhmgg mmmhgff mmmffuucckkererhm”

“Fine… god… you feel so good… I do not think I have time to argue with you… quick, give me your tits or something, I am going to blow!

“Here…. It…. COMES…. Mmmmmgggg… fuuuuuckkkk…”

“God Alix… this is so gross! Granted… very warm, it feels really good splashing all over my tits. Damn dude, you are cumming a lot too!”

"Wait... Mateo... if I can change you, does that mean I can change myself as well?"

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