Feb 9, 2021

Guest Post - Lachdelphine Part One

"Can you stop looking at my fucking ass, babe?"

Alix scowled at his girlfriend, Baylee, she was now making certain she walked behind him up the stairs to their hotel room.

Alix's company had just landed a massive client and to celebrate the company took the top five performers and a plus one to the new "Exchange Island" resort, if only they'd done some research and realized that you can swap with anyone.

Baylee spoke up, her now gruffer timber echoing around the stairwell, "Babe, I'm sorry but it's just so round and fat and when you walk it-"

Alix whined with his delicate voice, "Baylee! Holy shit you've had a dick for ten minutes and you're already sounding like a fucking man!", Baylee chuckled a deep growl in response, reaching out to grab her boyfriends ass hard, before slapping it lightly, "Shut up and get to the room" She, now he smiled. Alix's entire being was shaken, he felt weak in the knees, a warm sensation buzzing around his belly.

Baylee had gotten lucky, swapping outside of the group from the company, swapping into a 25 year old guy who was actually paid to be on the island, it was the first month of the resort being active, and it was a good marketing ploy to hire some fit young people to entice holidayers with the chance to be one. Baylee was now 6'3 and the only real word to describe her was "Shredded" her arms stretched her sleeves and her chest was firm as steel. But most importantly, she could feel how much this body wanted her boyfriends, he was a 22 year old trophy wife, the jewel of the company as her "Husband" called her, an ex swimsuit model, but she was a bit of a bitch, and seeing her so flustered and uncomfortable was almost laughable.

"Thank god... the room"

Alix sighed, swiping the keycard as the door unlocked, bags already in the room, a white suitcase covered in expensive designer branding, along side a plain black one, Baylee stepped in and laughed, "Okay, the gucci one is definitely yours" She grabbed the black suitcase and tossed it onto the bed, Alix tried to do the same, failing miserably, leaving Baylee to do it for him. Alix unzipped the suitcase to a "Horrific" sight, tight silken dressess, bikini sets, skimpy one piece bathing suits and worst of all, condoms. Lots of condoms. Baylee did the same to find basic mens clothing, nothing too interesting, but she spotted the horror in her boyfriends eyes and chuckled, "Too many thongs, babe?" She smirked, "Ah I don't mind what you wear, as long as it's tight and or small enough for me to do this..." She raised her arm and let it slap her boyfriends ass hard, making him fall forward over the bed, bent at the hip ass raised in the air, wriggling a little from the pain. Baylee's lips curled into a smug smirk, as Alix squirmed. "Fuck... it's like she's programmed to want it" She laughed, before grabbing a set of swim shorts, "I'm gonna get ready for the beach, babe, it's what were here for of course" She smiled.

Alix looked through the white suitcase for anything less revealing, only finding lace lingerie and heels, Fuck, does she actually have nothing... comfortable?He thought to himself, taking a deep sigh and reaching a hand in to grab a swimsuit, Whatever it is just wear it. His hand pulled out with a pink bikini top, he let out a sigh and pulled his top off, his tanned skin already glistening in the sun, an expensive lace bra hugged his impressive chest tight and he winced looking down at it, bringing two hands up to cup his breasts, his mind began to wander to the man in the room getting changed, how he spanked her, how he touched her and talked about her body. It was exciting.

Her thoughts were broken by a quiet laugh, "Enjoying those?" The man asked, now shirtless and wearing just sunglassess and swim shorts, "Um yeah I was just trying to get it off..." Alix said with a blush, Baylee rolled her eyes and stepped closer to her boyfriend, standing over him, she snaked a hand over his stomach, around his side and to the bra strap, unclasping it with one hand, smirking down at her boyfriend, "God... I'm like some douchey frat boy, huh?" Baylee pulled her hand to his front, hooking two fingers under the lace of the bra and tugging it down, "Wow... I didn't think those were real..." She smirked, tugging the straps down her boyfriends arms before taking a handful of breast in each hand, "Mm... feels different from here, how are you holding up?" She smiled, seeing him blush.

Alix's mind was flooded with emotions, from the chisled god standing over her, the way his hands pressed against her chest, the way her nipples grazed his palms, it was all so overwhelming. Without even wanting to, Alix let out a soft breathy moan, a gentle, "Ng..ahh..." Much to the delight of his girlfriend, without hesitating, she removed a hand from his chest and leant down to kiss his breast, her free hand moving around to the back of her partner, grabbing the waistband of her pants and scrunching them, before pulling on them slightly, a louder moan coming from the girl before her. The pants and panties around Alix's hips dug in a little, fabric grazing along his clit and entrances, jolting him back to the moment.

B-Babe... beach?

Alix whimpered quietly, not even realizing she'd had a hand in Baylee's hair, holding his face against her chest, Baylee stood up and nodded, "Alright, blue ball me harder why don't you" She smiled, "Seriously though, get a bikini on." Alix didn't waste anytime, pulling the pants and panties down in one motion, feeling the thong peel away from her dripping slit, she looked up and Baylee, seeing him on the balcony, she reached down with a single finger and made a slow circling on her clit, "Oh god... yeah..." She whispered, before he started to turn, grabbing the bikini top, she was horrified it was actually the full set, "How is so little fabric meant to be worn as like... an outfit?" She asked in frustration, sliding the thong up her legs, feeling it slide between her ass cheeks and nestle over her lips and mound, before Baylee stood behind her, "Here... I'll help you" He smiled, pulling it onto his girlfriends chest and then clasping the back, his hands moving under her arms to squeeze her chest hard before adjusting the cups of the bikini top, "There we go" He smiled. Alix looked down and let out a shaky sigh, "Oh god... babe can we just stay in the room today?" She asked nervously, Baylee spoke up, "Of course, I can imagine how hard this is for you..." He said, hands moving all over the female body infront of him, spanking her again softly, "Lie down, we can cuddle in the sun"

This was written by the wonderful Lachdelphine at Opentgc!! Their Captions

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