Jan 26, 2021

Internet Witch Part Two

“Bro come on keep up I want to get back to the apartment so I can experience more bodies! We went to the market; we have enough snacks and alcohol to get us through the next 24 hours. I can tell you one thing, if I only have this power for 24 hours, I am not sleeping AT ALL.”

“I am trying Mateo, Jesus. Look here we are, open the door lets get inside before someone else sees you entering with me. I still have no idea why you picked THAT body to go to the market with. I mean… you look a little slutty if I am being honest. Granted, maybe people around campus will start to think that I can pull a girl that looks like THAT. Maybe help my rep a little bit. Still cannot believe I am 0 for… well... college.”

“Alix… you are joking right… with this body, we got through all the lines at the market and if you recall I got us a 50 percent discount by flirting with the cashier, he could not stop staring at my breasts. Granted, my breasts have nothing on this ass! I bet he sure enjoyed me walking away. Take a look at this thing! Jiggle baby jiggle! God... I will say though, I am excited to get out of this body. This outfit has been riding up the front the whole time, talk about camel toe hehe."

"Why do you keep doing that! It is like you want me to stare at your body Mateo! I mean, you know damn well I have not gotten lucky since senior year in high school. Why do you keep torturing me like this?"

"Yeah, about that... listen Alix, I have this power for only 24 hours. I will be damned if I end up in a woman's body and not get fucked. I will probably never find that sexy internet witch again. This is kind of my only chance. Now you saw how easy it is for me to transform, hell I did it by accident that one time just by thinking of bigger breasts. I can literally become anyone. Basically, what I am trying to say is... this is my one shot and well... I trust you most... want to mess around?"

"Eww... Mateo I know it is YOU in these bodies, I do not exactly swing that way man. I am sorry but you are going to have to stick with that electric toothbrush you used on your last body."

"Heh...ooops.. you heard that eh? Wait focus... look, I can become ANYONE, you sure you do not want to experience this. Even with... your favorite professor?"

"Ohhh fuck you Mateo... god damn, I can tell you she does not normally wear THAT to class, I almost forgot you can change the clothing too! This does not change the fact that I know it is you in that body, it would be like fucking my best friend!"

"Look... you think I want this? I wish I could just go out and pick up some random guy but that would take way too long, and I only have 24 hours! Speaking of clothing you know the term clothing is SUPER liberal, I mean... if you think about it. Soap can even be clothing."

"Oh... oh my god... look at those things, I just want to stick my face in those soapy... AGHHH Mateo stop!"

"Fine, fine Alix... there I am back in a blue dress. Happy? Look man... I get it, it IS weird. But when are you EVER going to have this chance again? This could be it! Plus... think of all the practice you will get over the next 24 hours.

"Alright... alright... how can I say no to tits like that. I will give it a shot, but no guarantees. Come on, to the bedroom!."

"YES! come on, let's get this started, I got to the honest, carrying around these massive knockers is starting to hurt my back a little bit. Just picture strapping two massive water balloons to your chest. In fact, this entire body kinda jiggles a little bit. Here, lets take a closer look at these things. Oooof... they are heavy, hold on, this might take a second to get them out." 

Alix was left mouth agape... staring at the breasts of the woman he has had a crush on since he arrived on campus.

"Haha you like that Alix? I am sure glad you are enjoying because the body is a handful. I almost just want to fall over with these dumbbells on my chest. I bet for workouts she just hefts these bad boys a few times. Wow... they kind of sag, don't they? I guess that makes sense, she is older. Just the way you like them huh?"

Alix made a series of incoherent noises, wiping a slight amount of drool off his lower lip. Sporting what could only be described as the largest boner of his adult life.

"Alright... let me see if I can find a way to get this dress off..."

Being super inexperienced in getting a dress off a luscious thick body, Mateo fell at the end of the bed laughing. Eventually getting the dress off.

"Whew... that was a lot! That thing was like another layer of skin! Did you get a look at that thong though? THAT was weird. I was wondering what was attacking my asshole. I bet it smells really good... but that is beside the point. Here we go, let's do this." 

It would appear that Alix lost all hesitation, jumping on top of the new woman. Immediately going to town on her hefty water bags.

"Mmmm... god Alix I wish you could know what this feels like... ohh, focus on the nipple a little bit. Yeah... suck on those thumbs. GOD... Woah... I can start to feel my new pussy get wet. This is so weird, I am pretty sure I can smell myself. Damn, my womanly scent is nice. This should be a perfume. Quick, stick a couple fingers in the bad boy. Mmmm... I think she likes anal too, my asshole is twitching. Mind sticking a finger in there as well? Oh yeah... just like that! Oh shit almost forgot about you, here this is what a hand job from your crush feels like."

Continuing for several minutes, bed soaked with Mateo's new juices, it was impossible to tell where Mateo ended, and Alix began. They were wrapped together like a pretzel.

"Fuck... Alix... Alix... I think it is time. Since this is the first time let us do it doggy style. I am not sure I want to see my best friends orgasm face. I have a feeling it is going to be a big one too."

"Yeah... yeah... just line it up, oh god I can feel it enter. Jesus, you are big man, congrats. No need for me to ask if it is in you know what I mean haha. Oh... yeah... HERE WE GO!"

"God that feels amazing, but I am going to need you to go harder. Like give it to me all, break me in half, hell make me need a new hip. I want you to pound my booty like this is the last fuck of your life. Oh yeah.... just like this... mm mmmm mmm god you feel so good. I am not sure which sounds are your balls slapping my booty or my breasts slapping my tummy. I am just one big orgasmic Jello. Fuck dude I think I am going to cum... UGHHHH... ARGGG.. fuck fuck... did I just squirt all over the bed? Finish in me man, seriously... pump all that seed into me I want to feel it. Oh.. oh.. I can feel you twitching!"

"Here.... here... IT COMES MATEOOOOOOOO!!!!" 

Both collapsing on the bed, Mateo and Alix looked at each and laughed. Knowing that this was just beginning.

Mateo finally got up, realizing there was no time to waste.

"Damn dude... your cum is leaking out of me! That is just wild, I need to hit the shower!"

"Ooops... hehe, guess I could have just imagined my new body clean! It was pretty cool to be able to clean this body though. Speaking of which, how much did you cum man? I felt like I was cleaning my pussy out for like 30 minutes!" 

"Anyways... what is next Alix?"


Part Two! I hope you enjoyed!

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