Jan 21, 2021

Internet Witch Part One

“Bro you have to check me out, I mean look at this body! Have you ever seen anything so sexy in your life?”

Alix stood there, mouth wide open, he could not believe the luck of Mateo..

“Can you believe that internet witch actually gave me shapeshifting powers for 24 hours! With little to no catch, I mean all she said was that I whoever I am at the end of 24 hours is who I stay, easy!”

A couple of minutes earlier..

Mateo was on his favorite site, OpenTGC, when this very strange ad popped up displaying a picture of an absolute gorgeous woman in black frame glasses. There was a little text box with a simple question “I can make anything possible for 24 hours.” Mateo had always been obsessed with idea of experiencing womanhood, just once, he did not want to stay a woman. However, now that this could all come true.. he had no idea what kind of woman! Big breasts? Little breasts? Blonde? Brunette? A MILF? This did not keep Mateo wondering for too long, he had a simple solution.. why not wish for shapeshifting powers?

After typing in his wish, Mateo pressed enter, expecting a surge of energy to pass through him.

“Huh.. nothing, maybe it was fake? Probably someone playing tricks on me.”

Mateo went to get out of his bunny ear gaming chair when he saw a message popped up with paragraphs and paragraphs of text. Mateo scrolled to the bottom and saw a submit button, the line above it read the following:

Hello Mateo, thank you for your wish. I know you skipped the paragraphs of text, it is what it is, but you really should read the iPhone ones, you basically sell your soul!! Anyways, I am getting off track here, essentially you will have shapeshifting powers for 24 hours. Just make sure you are in the body you want to be in at the end, you will be stuck XD. Also, Mateo, I know I am cute but seriously, stop staring at my breasts, the magic is all in the glasses silly! Oh PS, your clothes will change with the body, that is if you want any..

Mateo immediately pressed submit, I mean he could trust an internet witch, right? After pressing submit he immediately felt electricity shoot through his body. It started from his head down to his toes, it was particularly uncomfortable around his dick. Right as the electricity stopped, he heard his roommate Alix enter. He just had to fill him in! Alix did not share his love of experiencing what it is like to be a girl, but he was aware of his obsession.

Back to the present..

“You can stop staring at my breasts now Alix, I know I am hot but god damn! Your eyes are like laser beams!”

“Can you blame me? Do you even realize that you transformed again.. your breasts are A LOT bigger”

"Wait.. what..??" "OH GOD.. these feel amazing!!"


"But why did I transform..?"

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Part One! I hope you enjoyed!

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