Aug 25, 2021

Body Part Inc. Part Two Coming... Soon? Hehe!

As a kid who grew up in a small town, we never got the newest and greatest businesses, hell, we did not even get a Chipotle until last month. Half the town had never even seen a burrito before, some still think ‘carnitas’ is just tofu the government wants them to eat.

Anyways, back to my story, it was a major surprise to the town that OUR town, OUR itty-bitty town, was going to have the newest and greatest business (take that NYC). New Jersey should have submited a bid, I am sure the company would have loved having access to their fantastic pizza. The company was called Body Part Inc. essentially, to summarize it, you could download body parts from the web to replace your own. I do not know the details; I cannot even figure out how to work my microwave. How did our small town get such a new business? Well our genius mayor submitted a proposal stating that our towns citizens would volunteer as test subjects by picking from their catalogue a body part from the opposite sex. Of course, by volunteer, I mean that names were pulled out, goblet of fire style, and guess who was one of the names.. right.. me!

I received the catalogue of potential body parts available in the mail and sat down with my wife to try to select something that would not change my life too drastically. While I was so angry that I was the one “volunteered”, I felt extremely blessed that my wife was at least bi-curious. While a vagina was not on the table for me, I at least knew it would not ruin our sex life, not completely at least.

“Hun, why don’t I just select one of these scalp transfers, I could easily just cut my hair afterwards and who cares if my hair would have to change color?”

She looked at me with excitement in her eyes.

“Babe, look you know I have always pondered.. you know.. what it would be like with a woman. Why not try to look at this as a new adventure? How about a nice, cute butt? Or a big MILF butt?”

I shuttered at the thought

Absolutely not, I want something I can easily hide, and NO, a vagina does NOT count, I love my dick I am not getting rid of him!”

Her eyes grow big

“Babe! I got it! Why not a pair of small perky breasts? You could easily hide them under a shirt and the added nipple play will be perfect for our sexy time!”

My dick twinged at the thought of that. I had always heard that woman’s nipples were super sensitive, and I could easily hide them with a wrap or something. Looking through the catalogue I found the perfect pair, no one would even be able to tell.

After I showed my wife, she immediately lit up, practically screaming, that they were perfect. My wife actually seemed excited about this whole process. I closed the catalogue and crawled into bed, unable to sleep thinking about the procedure ahead. Would I ever be the same? I do wonder what a vagina would feel like, but forever? I finally started to drift off to sleep..

The Next Morning

My wife dropped me off the next morning, we hugged goodbye and I wondered if our hugs would ever be the same. When I walk back out of this cursed building, I will have budding breasts and a sensitive pair of womanly nipples. I walked into the clinic, and on the surface, it looked fantastic. However, I got the sense that they were secretly just trying to keep it all together. I was directed into a small room with a bunch of fancy looking technology. Due to the shock of a new body part showing up on your body, the clinic puts you to sleep, not because it is painful. In fact, I was told that you could not feel the process at all. Which, to be honest was really hard to believe.

“Alright sir.. can you confirm these are the breasts you want?”

Want is a stretch, but I nodded

“Alright, time to count down from 10..”


What ensues here is pure and utter chaos, surprise revelations, screaming and to be quite honest, some light crying

I will not go into details, maybe that is a story for another day. All that I cared about was getting home to my wife right away.

A Couple of Hours Later

“Honey…. I am home..” My voice cracks

I hear her yell from upstairs; she was supposed to pick me up, however, I just could not bare to have her see me for the first time in public. This is the type of thing that had to happen in private. When I reached the top of the stairs, she got her first look at me. Her eyes widen as she stares at my chest.

“Honey what happened!?” She says as she runs over to me.

“What the fuck do you think happened!? That fucking company has no idea what they are doing! Now I might be stuck forever with these!”

“Umm love.. is that milk leaking out of you?”

“Yes it fucking is.. I am leaking milk Savannah, MILK.”

I go on to explain that the system had a glitch right as my transfer was happening. Instead of getting the extremely small perky breasts that I selected, I was accidentally placed with a pair of large lactating breasts. The worst part is that once one area on your body received a new part, for the time being, the scientists were unable to determine how to change that same area again. These breasts were mine for the foreseeable future, maybe even forever! I could forever be known as the man with the massive udders on his chest. Actually wait, that was not even the worst part, what am I thinking. The actual worst part was that when a body part is sent through their system, time for that body part, freezes. If you were to send a dick through it, right as the guy was cumming, the person receiving the dick would be in a constant state of orgasm, could you imagine? Would he just run dry? What this means is, my breasts will always lactate since they came to me like this. This is now possibly my forever. The doctors said that hopefully, the woman was near the end of needing to lactate and was starting to dry up, otherwise my life was going to get much more difficult. Only time will tell of course.

Savannah and I eventually tried to go to bed however, that was extremely difficult with my new additions. My tits just constantly ached, and the exact opposite effect happened with my nipples, anything that brushed up against them sent me into a state of pleasure. I was a fucking mess. Imagine the feeling of having two small, but VERY erect, dicks on your chest.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. My breasts were absolutely throbbing, it felt as if they had their own heartbeat. I ran into the spare bedroom, my breasts painfully bouncing as I ran, where there was a mirror and took a look, oh my..

I saw my breasts were the fullest I have seen them. My nipples were massive as they strained to hold the vast amount of milk inside my new breasts. I took my hands and lifted my breasts from the bottom, I could actually hear the milk sloshing around inside my new swollen additions. They were like two waterbeds filled with warm milk. They were radiating heat as well. In an attempt to get some sort of relief, I massage one of my breasts.

OH MY GOD.. milk actually starts to spray out of my nipple, it feels so so good, but does little to relieve the pressure. In a panic I grab the other breast and just start massaging frantically, trying to somehow get all the milk out of me. I was in a full panic, looks like this woman was definitely NOT drying up!

Savannah walks in

“What the fuck is happening, you are yelling, I can hear you across… ohh…”

“Savannah please…. You…. Have to….. help me…. So much pressure….”

Savannah stood there dumbfounded, unsure of how to possibly help me.

“I think I know what to do, you are just going to have to trust me!”

Savannah ran over to me and dove under my breasts, almost slipping on the vast amount of milk that was already on the floor. She looked up at me one last time knowing that our relationship would never be the same, grabbed a tit, and started sucking with all her might.

When I tell you that I was in ecstasy, that does not do it justice. My tits were finally feeling the release they so desperately needed. I was actually nursing my own wife and I loved every minute. What I did not realize is just how much I was enjoying it, my dick sprang to attention, throbbing in sync with my nipples. Suddenly, pressure was building from my dick, I could not believe it, I was actually about to orgasm from nipple play. I tried to warn my wife, who was positioned right over the top of my throbbing member. I just couldn’t, all I could think about was the warm milk coming out of my sensitive nipple, my wife’s teeth sensually brushing it as she sucked and sucked as fast as she could. The amazing feeling of my breast emptying. She looked so cute with milk running down her chin. I really did love her.. OHHH GODD I AM GOING TO CUM… FUCK FUCK.. try to hold it, try to hold it.. UGGGHH I CAN’T!!

I finally scream “I am a fucking cowwwwwwww” and my dick releases my pent-up sperm, landing all over the bottom of Savannah’s chin.


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  1. Really great! I totally think you should do more. And continue to change? Like, more of his body other than his breasts change, but because of his breasts?

  2. Wow! I loved it.
    Please continue with the story or the universe as well.