Sep 17, 2021

Bath Bombs

Living next to a magic shop makes having secret desires exceedingly difficult. Especially when you have a desire to be a girl every once in a while. We all have hard days at work, hard days with the family and hard days just with life in general. Who wouldn’t just want to come home and relax as someone else? Especially a glorious womanly body. Having large breasts just seems to help on almost every occasion.

My personal favorite way of transforming is the “Sex Bomb” which is a bath bomb at the magic store next door. Just simply drop it in a tub of warm water and hop in, you will slowly feel your breasts filling out, your skin becoming smoother and your dick sucking into your body. The “Sex Bomb” was great, because as long as part of your body was still in the water, you would remain a woman. However, as soon as you are completely removed from the tub, you would transform back into your boring male self. It really was an amazing invention.. one of these days maybe I will even try the “Prego Time” bath bomb or the “Get Eggcited” one.. hmmm.. I had a friend try the “Got Milk” bath bomb once, let us just say the tub was not just filled with water by the end.

On one fateful night, I was laying breasts down in my warm bathwater, enjoying my womanly body. Sometimes, it is just fun to rub my giant breasts against the bottom of the tub, feeling my larger than average nipples brush against the porcelain tub.

“Hey buddy, is that lavender and rose petals I smell? How is the new body, are you going to actually let me see you this time?”

Ughh he ALWAYS seems to know when I am using my bath bombs, I usually just ignore him until he gives up and goes back downstairs. Tonight, was different though, it was such a long day at work. Learning what sex was like from my new point of view might be just what I need. I mean, as long as I kept part of my body inside of the water it should be possible right?

I sighed.. “If I let you in will you please not make this awkward and just fuck me? I could really use it, but I swear if you make it awkward I AM WALKING.”

“Uhh yeah I could totally do that buddy, I will open the door right now..”

When the door opened, I could already see his grey sweatpants attempting to contain his large erection. My body immediately had a reaction to this. I could feel my new pussy getting warm and tingly.. I felt the need to be filled, to be filled right now.

I looked at him as he stood there, just staring at my breasts. “Well come on, I do not want to see your face as we do this.. get behind me, I will raise my ass out of the water for you.”

I saw him get up behind me, realizing this was actually about to happen. I raised my adorable ass out of the water, as I felt the cold air brush against my new sex, turning me on even more. I felt him lining up behind me, careful not to get the bath water on himself, I held my breath until I felt his throbbing member enter me from behind. I gasped, never imaging it could feel this amazing, my entire body feeling like it was being penetrated. I moaned as he started pumping in and out, hearing a slapping noise coming from behind me. I could tell he was really enjoying this, at one point I needed to use my hands to brace myself, he was pumping so hard. Slowly, I started to feel a building pressure in my entire body he continued to pump as I reached out for something to grab.. I screamed at the top of my lungs as my entire body shook. At the same time I felt him spasm.. I could actually feel his sperm pump into my wet folds.

“GOD that was amazing… ughh okay you can exit me now, I think it is time to change back, would not want this to turn into a preggo bomb!”

“Relax.. relax.. whew, that was amazing toots, I honestly can not believe I was able to pull that off without getting that magical water on me. Would not want to be a hot chick as well!”

I got out of the tub and had him hand me a towel, I felt his sperm start to leak out of me and run down my smooth legs. I started drying myself off, wait a minute. Why am I not changing back? There was not any sort of warning labels was there? I looked down at my breasts.. Uh oh.. THIS is not good.

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